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à jour au: 2021
1989 Plan R. Martin, construit à Newport. Lf: 17,53m, largeur: 4,57m; TE 3,83m; Dép:11,4t. dont 4,8t de lest, 4 ballasts
mât: 24,5m 140m2 au prés et 340 au portant. Construit en composite.


1989 Picture from Facebook,

Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers", présentation du Vendée Globe Challenge:

Photo P. Benoiton, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Plus de photos - More pictures

: DNF/13. Mike PLANT, USA, 1950
Photo archives de la revue "Bateaux",

"Voiles et Voiliers" avril 1990,

abandonne, pour un arrêt dans une petite ile du pacifique sud pour une petite réparation, mais son ancre dérape et il est obligé de demander de l'aide. Il repart et aurait fini 7e en 134 jours, (record américain!! Avec un arrêt!). photos à son arrivée:

1990 Septembre "Bateaux",

15 septembre, BOC CHALLENGE
: 5 - 6 - 4 - 5 = 4e/11 60' en 132j20h à 10j. Mike PLANT

1991 2? juillet, Carlsberg Solo/Twin: 10e/11 Division 3, éq: Dan NERI
Picture from book "The Third Time around", by Tony Fairchild:

December "Yachting",

1992 Janvier "Bateaux",

A Vendre prêt à naviguer

Le bateau est vendu à un ingénieur de chez Boeing - New owner John Oman

The Northwest Spirit, 5
Transpac Race, Los Angeles-Osaka: 1er/? en 32j16h02', John OMAN
Pictures recieved from John Oman (2019,

Tour du Monde à L'envers
au départ de Seattle:
DNF, collision avec un pétrolier, bateau dématé et coque abimée.

1995 Bateau ramené à Seattle ou il est mis au sec

2008-2019 Il est toujours au sec à Seattle. (2008 Info "Course Au Large", P. Carpentier)

2019 9 septembre, it just goes and goes and… John Oman: "I bought Mike’s Duracell from him as he was building his next boat Coyote. My plan was to do my own, non-racing, solo non-stop circumnavigation. After bringing her to Seattle (through the canal) and winning the Pan-Pacific Race, I brought her solo back from Japan as a shakedown. My circumnavigation was cut short by losing the top 50’ of the mast in a collision with a freighter down by the equator. Putting her on the hard next to my home, it was my intention to put it back together and return to sailing. Shore life got in the way with business and family obligations and now age and health issues. I no longer have the means to chase that dream. So what now? I love that boat. I can’t imagine a more easily handled, sea kindly, safe, proven, shorthanded boat capable of sailing anywhere on earth. So a refit for a solo circumnavigator? Or shorthanded go anywhere? Move the helm aft and replace the short pilot house with a long coach roof, build in creature comforts for a fast, shorthanded cruiser or ‘six pack’ charter boat? A Salish Sea, sailing/whale watching boat sailing out of Deception Pass? Much of the movie “Coyote: The Mike Plant Story” was shot of and aboard this boat. In any case, I want to make it possible for another individual or organization to own her and get her sailing again. I’m looking for a buyer, proposals and/or ideas."

For sale,

2021 New and third owner, Matt ??,
October, received from Richard, "Duracell now has a new owner (the 3rd), and the new owner is planning on converting her to a cruising sailboat. Duracell now resides in Port Townsend, Washington, USA. Here is a link to Matt's (the new owner's YouTube channel) where he is posting video's on his turning Duracell from an old solo circumnavigating Open 60, into the perfect cruiser. The Duracell Project: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf-P7fZEGvHKsket8XYkeXQ"

December, From Facebook,