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à jour au: 2019
1995 imaginé et concu par Sandro BUZZI, construit par Calderon et lui m.
particularité: largeur: 3.5m, revendique un angle de chavirement de 170 degrés. blanc, bleu et gris.

Autres infos: Architecte(s) Buzzi-Calderon/Dyna Yacht/Vismara Yacht Design, Constructeur : Speedwave/Marine service Italia  - Année de construction 1996-97  Nationalité Italienne,  Longueur de coque 18,28m;  Longueur flottaison 17,23m;  Maitre bau 3,83m;  Tirant d'eau 4,5m;   Hauteur du mat  ?; mat tournant carbon; Deplacement lege 8400kg; Deplacement charge 9480kg; Lest  4000kg mobile    Ballasts liquides  ?;  Voilure au pres 1982Sqf;   Voilures portant   4239Sqf;  Materiau de construction /Verre E, Carbon Kevlar, Nomex Sandwich  Airex Cove.

1999 Tour d'Europe: est curieux de comparer son bateau avec les autres. Sandro BUZZI, Italie
DNF: abandon dans 1e étape, aprés 14h de course, probléme de safran.

2000 Giraglia: ??. Buzzi a déjà gagné 2 fois cette course, en 78 et 81.
"perhaps the most radical boat in the fleet, with a rotating wing mast and 4m swinging keel."

Juno Plato, ITA 13499
2003 February "Seahorse",

Giraglia: ??

2005 Trophée Zegna: ??

2006 Mai, Trofeo E. Zegna: 15e/15 Classe 0-5. Sandro BUZZI
: ??, passe le phare de la Giraglia en 7e position en réél.

2008 Mai, Régate Pirelli: 28e/36 ORC
18 aout, Palermo-Monte-Carlo: Inscrit. Sandro BUZZI

2009 27 mai, Campionato Nazionale del Tirreno: 6 - 6 = 12pts, 6e/6 Minimaxi R
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2010 11 juin, Giraglia Rolex Cup: dnf - dnf - dnf -dnf = 116pts, 27e/28 IMA Group, Sandro BUZZI
16 juin, Giraglia, St Tropez-San Remo, 241': DNF/203 IRC
23 aout, Palermo-Monte Carlo race, 500': ?e/?? IRC et ?e/26 ttc

2011 22 juin, Giraglia Rolex Cup, 241': 134e/184 ttc en 43h54', Sandro BUZZI

2013 20 juin, Giraglia: 118e/172 en 40h14' temps réel, Sandro BUZZI

2014 18 juin, Giraglia Rolex Cup, 241': 94e/143 IRC en 33h15', Sandro BUZZI
21 aout, Palermo-Monte Carlo: inscrit.

2015 14 avril, Roma per Tutti, 539': en 98h16' temps réel, 10e/18 IRC Sandro BUZZI
La Lunga Bolina: 15e/55 IRC
Picture from La Lunga Bolina website,

Brindisi-Corfou: 1er/109 IRC
17 octobre, Middle Sea Race: en 4j10h19', 73e/102 IRC, IRC: 1.383, Michelle PENNELLI

2016 Brindisi-Corfou: 28e/124 IRC, Sandro BUZZI
Regata di Ciclopi: 7e/21 IRC
21 aout, Palermo-Montecarlo, 251NM: 31e/46 Overall, 48h37' elapsed
21 aout, Palermo-Montecarlo, 437NM: 20e/46 Overall, 77h24' elapsed

2017 9 avril, Roma per Tutti, 539NM, elapsed time 114h01', 13e/14 IRC
5 mai, Tre Golfi: ?e/??
Picture from Race website...

21 aout, Palermo-Montecarlo: DNF/26 IRC
21 octobre, Middle Sea Race: DNF/104 IRC

2019 Juin, For Sale 1996 Vismara Buzzi V60 Open. 150,000 EUR, Located in Sicily, Italy.
Quite possibly the most innovative and ground-breaking yacht ever to be launched. Employing much of the design and technology now regarded as cutting edge, but 20yrs ahead of her time. A totally unique opportunity. “Narrow is always faster provided the necessary stability can be obtained at comparable weight, A narrow Open 60’ would not slam and bang as a wider boat in heavy seas and would therefore be less likely to suffer structural damage”da Bruce Kirby “The battle between speed and stability” – SAIL Magazine, May 1997, Junoplano – originally designed and owned by Sandro Buzzi- is a very innovating project among the high-speed ocean yachts.The result of a 3 years engineering process and strict cooperation between Alberto Calderon –principal designer of Stars & Stripes, San Diego- and Sandro Buzzi who contributed his 30 years offshore navigations experience and his engineer’s mentality and approach. Both for her project and construction Junoplano was at the time of her build the most high-tech cruiser-racer afloat. The one who presents practical solutions to the basic sailing topics: • Flat boat at any wind angle • Soft passage through choppy sea by narrow hull and least pitching moment, • Superb pointing ability and minimized leeway by twin-foils “collective” control • The highest LPS (limit of positive stabilty) at 170°. Self righting boat. • More drive and less sailing moment by rotating mast and sail-vector, Her innovation moved in 3 distinct directions: 1. Hydrodynamic plan i.e. appendages, 2. Hull, 3. Aerodynamic plan i.e. mast and sailplan