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A jour: janvier 2017
1982 plan Lavranos, built by SA Navy yard

Built as South Africa Navy training boat,

1982 Cape Town-Punta Del Este: ?e/48, 2e en temps réel, Bertie REED
Agulhas Race: 1er/?? & record holder
Tour des Iles Britaniques: ?e/86, 1er monocoque, et record battu de 26h, éq: Bertie REED, John MARTIN
Octobre "L'Année Bateaux",

1983 Agulhas Race: 1er/?? & record holder
Seaharvest Race: 1er/?? & record holder
Double Cap Race: 1er/?? & record holder

Mainstay Voortrekker
1984 OSTAR: 2e 60' en 17j22h à 24h, (12e/91 ttes cat.), John MARTIN
Photo archives revue "Bateaux",

1985 January, South Atlantic Race, Cap Town-Punta Del Este, 4500 NM : 4e/35, John MARTIN

1986 Angelo Lavranos: "we fitted a new keel and waterballast"
8 juin, Twostar: 6e/49ttc en 17j13h52', 1er/5 mono classe II, Equipier: Robert SHARP, John MARTIN
Septembre "Voile Magazine",

: 1 en 42j - 7 à 6j21h - 5 à 7j4h - 1 en 26j = 5e/11 60' en 147j08h à 7j03h. John MARTIN
Octobre "Course au Large",

Angelo Lavranos: "she won and broke the record on the Newport-Cape Town leg and the Rio-Newport leg. On leg 2 she had mainsail and All Autopilot failure and leg 3 (very old) running backstay failure."
Novembre "Bateaux",

Picture from Internet 2021,

1987 Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers",

Janvier "L'Année Bateaux", les bateaux vus par Guy Ribadeau-Dumas:

Picture from Angelo Lavranos (2015)

Allied Bank,
1988 Ostar: 2e 60' (13ettc) en 17h08h, John MARTIN
Photo archives revue "Bateaux",

1993 "Cape to Rio Official program",

Syfrets Voortrekker II,
9 January, Cap To Rio Race: ?e/? Class A, Gus MOSTERT

Et nombreuses autres participations et victoires à d'autres courses...

Voortrekker 2,

???? Modifications: nouveau cockpit avec 2 barres à roue...

2015 ? New Owners: Rob Hawley and Shaun Verster
Mai, vu à Cape Town,

July, Angelo Lavranos: "Voortrekker II was modified many times in her career. From 1980 till 1986 she was used as a SA Navy training boat doing fully crewed IOR races aswell as shorthanded racing so we had no water ballast, which stopped her winning the 1984/5 Ostar."

2016 5 aout, Cape Town,

From Sailing Anarchy (22 January 2017): "A 40 year old legend of a boat and commissioned Mark Wannenburg, a pro sailor and instructor to get her ready for the Cape2Rio. A two year labor of love for Mark who made the boat his home as he and others got her ready for the event."

Trekker 2, SA 008
2017 1er janvier, Cape2Rio Race: DNF, Mark WANNENBURG

5 janvier, "Trekker 2 has experienced rudder failure and starting taking in water. Initially a Pan Pan was transmitted which has now been elevated to a Mayday."
"Happy to report that all 8 crew members on Trekker 2 have safely been transferred to MV Golafruz. All crew safe!"

Bateau abandonné