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BOC 1986

30 aout 1986, Newport

Photos Patrice Carpentier, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Reportages de la course dans les revues nautiques françaises

1986 Septembre, Newport,

1986 Septembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

The BOC Challenge 1986-1987 Results:

First Class: Boats 51-60 feet long

Name - Boat Final Place Total Time Average Speed* Country
1 Phillippe Jeantot 134d 05h 23m 56s 8.41 knots France, "Credit Agricole III"
2 Titouan Lamazou 137d 17h 36m 06s 8.20 knots France, "Ecureuil D'Aquitaine"
3 Jean-Yves Terlain 146d 10h 58m 10s 7.71 knots France, "UAP Pour Medicins Sans Frontieres"
4 Guy Bernardin 146d 12h 51m 34s 7.71 knots USA, "Biscuits LU"
5 John Martin 147d 08h 14m 00s 7.66 knots South Africa, "Tuna Marine Voortrekker"
6 Ian Kiernan 156d 16h 03m 38s 7.21 knots Australia, "Triple M Spirit of Sydney"
7 Bertie Reed 163d 21h 42m 56s 6.89 knots South Africa, "Stabilo Boss"
8 David White 164d 23h 05m 22s 6.85 knots USA, "Legend Securities"

DNF John Biddlecombe - after many problems withdrew at Cape Town, "ACI Crusader"
DNF Richard McBride - broke his mast during the first leg and had to stop at Recife, Brazil for repair, "Kiwi Express"
DNF Warren Luhrs - broke his mast few hundred miles before Sydney during second leg, "Thursday's Child"

Second Class: Boats 40-50 feet long

Name - Boat Final Place Total Time Average Speed* Country
1 Mike Plant 157d 11h 44m 44s 7.17 knots USA, "Airco Distributor"
2 Jean Luc Van Heede 161d 07h 37m 16s 7.00 knots France, "Let's Go"
3 Harry Harkimo 168d 09h 21m 13s 6.71 knots Finland, "Belmont Finland"
4 Hal Roth 171d 20h 05m 38s 6.57 knots USA, "American Flag"
5 Rich. Konkolski 172d 06h 41m 03s 6.55 knots Stateless/, "Declaration of Independence Czechoslovakia"
6 Mark Schrader 175d 14h 23m 52s 6.43 knots USA, "Lone Star"
7 Pentti Salmi 175d 18h 02m 39s 6.42 knots Finland, "Colt by Retting"
8 John Hughes 224d 13h 55m 24s 5.03 knots Canada, "Joseph Young"

DNF Dick Cross - his boat Air Force sunk during first leg, "Air Force"
DNF Eduardo Louro de Almeida - rudder breakage during first leg, "Miss Global"
DNF Takao Shimada - rigging damage during first leg, "Madonna"
DNF Mac Smith - retired during first leg, "Quailo"
DNF Jacques de Roux - lost at sea during second leg, "Skoiern"
DNF Harry Mitchell - run aground in New Zealand during third leg, "Double Cross"

* The average speed was calculated on the predicted distance of 27,100 nautical miles. In reality all boat sailed a longer distance to finish the course. In fact the average speed of all boats is higher than posted.

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