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à jour au: July 2022
2007 plan Owen Clarke Design, construit par Martin Boulter’s company Composite Creations (in the west country of the UK)

Janvier, vu sur liste 40' du site. Michael HENNESSEY
20 June, Newport Bermuda Race: ?e/?? IRC

2009 Figawi Race Weekend, Nantucket: 6e/15 classe S , 2e/2 class 40. Michael HENNESSEY
5 juin, Bermuda 1-2: 3 en 114h46' - 2 en 87h11' = 2e/5 class 5 en 202h à 27h Éq: ?

30 juillet, New England Solo/Twin Class, 94': 3e/5 Classe 1 en 14h29'
4 septembre, Vineyard Race: ?e/17 IRC doublehanded Coeff IRC: 1.301

2010 18 juin, Bermuda Race, 635': ?e/183ttc en 88h32', 12e/14 Double handed division and 3e/5 Class 40, Michael HENNESSEY
24 juillet, Corinthians Lobster Run, Stonington-Boothbay, en double: 2e/13 PHRF Overall Class
13 aout, ?? Race, 128': 4e/6 division 1 en 30h12' temps reel.

2011 22 avril, Michael HENNESSEY signed up for the 2011 Transatlantic Race, 2,975 nautical miles from Newport, RI to the Lizard, departure, the 29th of June.
2 juin, Annapolis-Newport: DNF/5 double handed Coeff IRC: 1.300, , Michael HENNESSEY
July, Transatlantic Race, from Newport: 2e/2 Class 40 en 15j10h53' temps réél à 29', en double. Coeff: 1.304
14 aout, Fastnet: 12e/20 Class 40 en 3j17h30' à 3h13'.

2012 11 mai, Atlantic Cup, Charleston-New York-Newport, en double: 7 à 3h22' - 10 à 2h02' = 11e/15, éq: Merf OWEN
26 mai, Atlantic Cup, Newport, after Inshore Series: 7 - 3 - 2 - 1 = 47pts, 6e/14
15 juin, Newport-Bermudes: 5e/10 Classe 15 double handed en 67h27, et 2e/6 Classe 40 a 7h07'

2013 ?, Lauderdale to Key West Race: 8e/8 IRC
16 février, Pineapple Cup: 3e/10
11 mai, Atlantic Cup: 6e/7, éq: Rob WINDSOR, Michael HENNESSEY
7 juillet, Marblehead-Halifax: 1er/?

2014 14 février, Michael HENNESSEY est inscrit à la Route du Rhum.
?? mai, Atlantic Cup: 4e/5, éq: Rob WINDSOR, Michael HENNESSEY
1er septembre, Vineyard Race, 238': 2e/9 PHRF7
11 octobre, The Greenport Ocean Race & The Greenport Bay Race: 4e/6 PHRF

2015 6 février, Pineapple Cup: 3e/4 Class 40 en 4j14h21', Michael HENNESSEY
22 mai, Ocean Race North, Charleston-Annapolis: ?e/5
5 juin, Annapolis to Newport Race, 473': 1er/3 Class 40
1er juillet, Transatlantique Race: 3e/5 Class 40 en 11j20h12' à 1j13h et 1er en double, avec Kyle HUBLEY
16 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race, 607': 7e/23 Class 40 en 3j18h36' à 9h19'

2016 15 février, Miami to Havana Race: 1er/6 PHRF A en 1j04h02', Michael HENNESSEY
28 mai, Atlantic Cup, Charleston-Brooklyn-Portland: 5 - 3 - 6 - 5 - 1 - 3 - 5 = 5e/9 Class 40
19 aout, Ida Lewis Distance Race: elapsed time, 21h23', 3e/3 PHRF Doublehanded
2 septembre, Vineyard Race: DNF
1 octobre, The Greenport Ocean Race & The Greenport Bay Race: DNF

2017 3 février, Pineapple Cup - Montego Bay Race: 5e/8
15 mars, Miami to Havana Race: 1er/5
9 July, Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race, 363NM: 1er/7 PHRF 1, elapsed time: 45h17'
Inscrit à la Route du Rhum 2018

2018 14 février, Miami to Havana, 210 NM: 1er/2 Class 40, Michael HENNESSEY
26 mai, Atlantic Cup, Charleston-NYC / NYC-Portland, and 5 inshore races: 10 - 3 - 4 - 1 - 5 - 1 - 2 = 4e/11 Class 40
Qualifié pour la RduR
20 octobre, Rade de Saint Malo,

21 octobre, Saint Malo,

4 novembre, ROUTE DU RHUM: 37e/123 en 21j03h56', 12e/53 Class 40 à 4j23h56', Michael HENNESSEY
25 novembre, arrivée à Pointe à Pitre,

2019 Janvier, 34th Pineapple Cup, elapsed time 4d04h18': 4e/6 PHRF, Michael HENNESSEY
11 avril, Sperry Charleston Race Week: 8 - 11 = 11e/16 PHRF A
22 April, Bermuda 1-2: on entrants list
8 Juin, Bermuda 1-2: 1er en 92h50' - 2 en 82h46' à 6h39' = 2e/5 Class 40 en 175h36' à 5h22', éq: Rob WINDSOR

2020 23 janvier, Lauderdale to Key West Race, elapsed time 20h55: 2e/2 Double Handed, éq: Katie PETTIBONE, Michael HENNESSEY

2021 4 Juin, Bermuda 1-2: 1er - 1er = 1er/4 Class 5, éq: Cole BRAUER, Michael HENNESSEY
7 July, Michael A. Mentuck Memorial Ocean Race: ?e/23

2022 21 February, RORC 600, Antigua: DNF/9 Class 40, Michael HENNESSEY
29 July, Class 40 website, Fastest Vintage Boat in the Class, Dragon, USA #54, is available for sale. 12th in the 2018 RdR, she is the fastest Vintage boat in the Class40 fleet and is in pristine condition.
Dragon is race-ready and measured, and has been continually and professionally maintained in top condition. She has seen constant upgrades over the course of her racing history to keep her updated to the very top end of current standards and optimized for performance within the Class Rule. No expense has been spared in equipping her with the very best available equipment and hardware. She currently meets all Class requirements including the recent increases in required buoyancy. Her last refit was 2022. Her hull and deck were constructed in a female mold, of epoxy and corecell sandwich. Her deck configuration is optimized for short-handed racing, but she also has a cockpit layout with a removable hard dodger that suits a larger crew if desired for inshore or coastal racing. Her cabin layout is optimized for class approved gear stacking. Her mast and standing rigging are currently being replaced, and she is expected to be ready by September 2022 to be able to compete in any off-shore race of any distance under Class40 rules or various other handicapping rules. She was built to Cat 0 standards and is capable of racing the next announced round-the-world races. Her design, including an articulating bow sprit, provides for exceptional light air, as well as very good VMG running and upwind performance relative to other Class40s.



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