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Kika, ITA 136
à jour au: 2021
2014 Plan Manuard, BM 40 construit au chantier de Bert Mauri

2009 Début de la construction.

2014 Propriétaire-Owner : Alessio VERARDO
Green Challenge,
RiGaSa-Rimini: 2nd Overall
19 octobre, Middle Sea Race, 606': ?e/122 IRC, 2e Class 40, Cristiano VERARDO

2015 La Duecento: ??e/43 IRC
La Cinquecinto: 16e/27 IRC
La Ottanta 2015: 2e/?? Overall
RiGaSa-Rimini: 1er/? Overall
17 octobre, Middle Sea Race: 1er/4 Class 40 en 4j04h13',

2016 La Duecent: ?e/43 IRC
29 mai, La Cinquecento x2, 500': en 95h01' temps réel et 9e/21 ORC, Alessio VERARDO
Novembre, received informations and pictures from Alessio VERARDO

2018 May, La Cinquecento 500x2: ?e/15 ORC x2 Overall,
Picture from Ivica Kostelic (CRO 122)

29 novembre Class 40 website, Manuard Class40#136 For Sale-A Vendre, A first class example of a privately owned semi-custom Class 40. The BM40 'Kika Green Challenge' was launched in 2014 and comes from the design office of Sam Manuard. This example benefits from many extras including up to date sails, new deck paint and ready to be commissioned for the next sailing season. All vacuum bagged, epoxy E glass on foam sandwich construction. S/S rudder stocks, HT Steel keel fin with composite fairing. Never raced across the Atlantic but winning many Mediterranean offshore races where the boat has been based since launch. Outstanding boat and ideal entry level semi-custom design from the current wizard of the Class 40 class designers. 1st Overall La Duecento x 2 2017 In two-handed class and overall, 1st Overall La Cinquecento x 2 2016

2019 3 may, La Duecento: 5e/75 ellapsed time Overall
26 mai, La Cinquecento: 2e/32 ellapsed time, Double handed, Alessio VERARDO
17 juillet, Class 40 website, Manuard Class40#136 For Sale-A Vendre, ...
6 septembre, Ri Ga Sa, Remini: ?e/??, Christiano VERARDO

2021 April "Global Solo Challenge website" , Class40 Bert Mauri – n.136 – For Sale, Kika is a Bert Mauri Class40 launched in 2014 in excellent conditions, continuously upgraded and meticulously maintained. She holds a 2019 IRC rating of 1.237 that would put her within the “Super-Zero” Group of the Global Solo Challenge. Se would require Cat Zero modifications to comply with the Event Regulations. The boat is currently undergoing an extensive refit including keel and mast inspection and general maintenance/improvements.



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