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2007 Plan Roger Martin, built in Rhode Island USA by Al Fresco Composites

12 janvier: Inscrit à la Portimao Global Ocean Race, équipier: Jared LAZOR. Stuart WILLIAMS
septembre: mise à l'eau

2008 16 janvier, Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race, 160': 1er/4 PHRF A en 15h30', 17e/28TTC. Stuart WILLIAMS
21 mai: Stuart Williams est toujours inscrit à la Portimao Global Ocean Race
Portimao Global Ocean Race: DNS

2010 FOR SALE, A VENDRE, Rodger Martin's fast, exciting american built Class 40 Design, Gwaihir is for sale.
Built with no expense spared and fitted out with only the highest quality equipment by custom race boat builders Al Fresco Composites of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Gwaihir has recently been completely refitted by her builders to the same original high specification. The quality of build is in the opinion of this office of a far higher standard than the norm for this class and the wise purchaser will secure this beautiful custom yacht for a fraction of her replacement value. Gwaihir's designer Rodger Martin is the most long standing and well known designer of Open Class yachts in North America. As well as drawing the succesful Quest and Aerodyne range of yachts his early open designs included the BOC class winner Airco Distributor, as well as the Open 60's Coyote and Grinnaker. In her first season Gwaihir won PHRF A at Key West Week in 2008. Since then she has not been raced. This is to change  as during the Summer she is being raced prepared and will be sailed competitively out of Rhode Island, where she can be viewed by appointment.

11 mai, All American Offshore Team joins Icarus Racing Team for the Atlantic Cup Inshore Series
Mai, Atlantic Cup: 4 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 8 = 25pts, 4e/4, Ben POUCHER

11 mai, Atlantic Cup, Charleston-New York-Newport, en double: 9 à 3h55' - 58' = 5e/15, éq: Tim FETSCH, Ben POUCHER
26 mai, Atlantic Cup, Newport, after Inshore Series: 10 - 11 - 7 - 4 = 58pts, 9e/14
15 juin, Newport-Bermudes: 4e/6 Open Division en 68h16, et 3e/6 Classe 40 a 7h56'

2013 11 mai, Atlantic Cup: 3e/7, éq: Tim FETSCH, Ben POUCHER

JeffreyMacFarlane.com, USA 116 or USA 52814
?? mai, Atlantic Cup: 2e/5, éq: Jake ARCAAND, Jeff MacFARLANE
June, Newport Bermuda Race: 7e/9 Class 14 (doublehanded) en 108h35'et 1er /4 Class 40 en temps réel,
1er septembre, Vineyard Race, 238':
3e/9 PHRF7

Spray, USA 116
Owner, Charles W. CALKINS

2016  19 février, Dan Byrne #2 - Bishop Rock Race, 165': 7e/12 Mariner Division, Charles W. CALKINS
March on Singlehanded TransPac Race entrants list, Charles W. CALKINS

2019 August, For Sale, lying Los Angeles, pictures from Philippe J,



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