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2 autres plan Ron Holland: "Silver Shamrock III" et Silver Shamrock IV",

à jour au: octobre 2009
1977 Plan Ron Holland, dériveur, Built Southern Boat Yard

"Silver Shamrock III was Ron Holland’s first centreboard yacht, designed for the 1977 Half Ton Cup which was held in Sydney just before the Southern Cross Cup series of the same year. Given the pedigree of its designer and crew, which included Harold Cudmore and Butch Dalrymple-Smith, the tiger-striped yacht was expected to perform strongly in the series. The boat was constructed in a highly developed timber and carbon fibre layup, with a fractional rig. Her maximum beam was more amidships compared with her main competition, namely the Bruce Farr-designed boats such as a Gunboat Rangiriri and Laurie Davidson's Waverider. She also carried a degree of tumblehome, and a transom only half the width of the Farr and Davidson boats - the stern was distinctive in the way that it tapered to a narrow rounded tuck. Despite her lightweight construction, she displaced twice that of the Farr and Davidson boats, weighing in at some 7,000lb. Some of that displacement was attributable to last minute additions of ballast to bring Silver Shamrock III up to her Half Ton rating (21.7ft IOR). The crew ran out of time with the boat and the ability to optimise its rating. Approximately 625lb of ballast was added to the boat, and this was considered, not surprisingly, to affect the yacht's reaching performance." RB Blogs

1977 A très peu navigué avant son arrivée à Sydney.
Harold Cudmore and crew fitting the centreboard to Silver Shamrock III before racing in the 1977 Half Ton Cup,

HALF TON CUP, Sydney: 1 - 4 - 3 malgré le dématage - 5 - 1 = 2e/22, Harold CUDMORE
équipage mi-irlandais et mi-australien. Démate à 400m de la ligne d'arrivée de la course moyenne. Sans ça, il aurait gagné!
"Neptune Nautisme" février 1978,

Southern Cross, dans l'équipe de la CEE: 20 - 6 - 12 - dnf = ?e/??, CEE team: 4e/13
26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart: DNF/130, membrure cassée,
Cudmore commented when he reached the fishing port of Ulladulla, “We are not out to kill ourselves – the storm was very bad and we didn’t want to take any risks.
"Bateaux" mars 1978,

Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020

Picture from John O Regan, Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019,

ce bateau?? Same ship??

Silver Shamrock, IRL 9
Cormac Mc. Donnacha. Galway Bay Sailing Club.

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1978 Ron Holland, Shamrock 30, dériveur, construit par S.C.B.Y.


1978 Juin, mise à l'eau.
ISORA Race Week: DNC/17 B1
Commodores Cup, Cowes, Irish Team: ?e/??
, Poole: 19 - ? - 39 - ? - ? = 19e/50, Harold CUDMORE

1979 Certificat IOR, owner, Harold Cudmore, rating: 22.4'


Picture from Beken,

2004 Still in Ireland

Silver Shamrock IV
For sale: "Silver Shamrock IV", Ron Holland 1978, with a lifting keel. Boat needs to be tidied up and is for sale for Euro 5500.

2010 One off half tonner designed by Ron Holland and built by Killian Bushe at the Shamrock yard for Harold Cudmore in 1978. This is a project but much work has already been completed. The sale includes old sails, Yanmar engine, mast and rigging, stanchions, pulpit, all winches etc. There is no trailer with the boat. This is a unique boat with a lifting keel. Builder: Shamrock, Year: 1978, Length Overall: 30', Price: EUR 4,500
From Sailing Anarchy: "Read your piece on the site today. I have an old half tonner that I am restoring. It was called Silver Shamrock IV and was built in 1978. This one has a lifting keel and was originally built for Harold Cudmore in the Shamrock yard, with the build team leader Killian Bushe no less. (It is written into the laminate) Its a great looking boat and one day I will get the time to get it back to what it once was. For those who have never seen such a thing, the original IOR cert is attached!
Best regards
. Andrew Deakin"

From SailingAnarchy