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Hellhound of Holyhead, K 5125
à jour au: 2002
197? Plan Ron Holland, Golden Shamrock,

1976 ISORA: 5e/??, Peggy ROBINSON
"She was 5th Overall in ISORA in 1976, and 4th in the half-ton class the same year (Division B). In Division B, she was beaten by two other Golden Shamrocks and an Elizabethan 30."

1977 ISORA: 5e/?? B, Peggy ROBINSON
"She was 5th overall in ISORA 1977, and 2nd in Division B1 that year. (Class B was so big, they split into B1 & B2, with the faster boats in B1)"

1978 ISORA: 5e/?? B1, Peggy ROBINSON
"She was 14th overall and 4th in B1 in 1978"

Received from Charlie (2018)
, "This is Holyhead Harbour in North Wales in about 1978"

"ISORA is the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association: it runs all of the 'offshore' races between England, Wales, Ireland and the Isle of Man. Apart from individual race prizes, there are annual overall and class prizes. Also, the ISORA race week has been successfully held at various venues such as Abersoch, Holyhead, Crosshaven, Howth and Dun Laoghaire."

Hellhound III,
ISORA, 4/6 races: 11e/26 B1

1987 Isora Race #1: DSQ, P. ROBINSON

Pegasus, GBR 5125

???? New Owner, Corlett, Douglas Bay Yacht Club,

2002 Cork Week: ?e/?