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Golden Harp, ???
à jour au: 2014
1976 Plan Ron Holland, Golden Shamrock,


Golden Harp, IRL 24

1976 Photo ??, Archives de la revue "Bateaux", le bateau de droite,

5 June, OSTAR: 63e/125 en 44j19h, Stuart WOODS

2014 For Sale, designed by Ron Holland built by Southcoast Boatyard in Cork, Ireland in 1976 and sailed to the US in the 76 OSTAR race. This is a production model of a successful prototype, Hull color Dark blue, Kemp single spreader mast, Kemp boom, new rigging 2008 with Mod. fittings and Wichard backstay adjuster, Hyde streamstay roller furler. #6 tape, Yanmar 2 cylinder GM15 diesel with 12 gal. SS tank:

Picture recieved from Vincent 2018,