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à jour au: 2018
1977 Plan Ron Holland, Golden Shamrock,


1982 Pictured at Brighton Marina by SHOCKWAVE40,

2013 September, from SHOCKWAVE40: "The following pictures I took at Conwy Marina the interesting thing is did this yacht have a fractional rig from new as all the other Golden Shamrock designs on the site have mast head rigs either single spreader or double spreader masts. See the below picture showing the present fractional rig on FANCY THAT I wonder how the performance compared to the mast head rigs ?"

2014 For Sale, with Yanmar 1GM10 10hp diesel inboard engine , good inventory. For Sale with NYB Conwy, Lying Conwy Marina, North Wales, 7500 gbp

2016 For Sale, 5 400 £