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Cavalier, K 5107
à jour au: avril 2019
1975 Plan Ron Holland, Golden Shamrock #03, Builder: South Coast Boatyard, She was built in Crosshaven, Ireland.


1975 Isora race #7: 7e/9 B, S. TALBOT, Holyhead

1976 ISORA, 4/9 races: 17e/55 B

1977 ISORA, 4/7 races: 6e/22 B1

1978 ISORA Race Week: 6 - 5 - 7 - 7 = 7e/17 B1
1 July, Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead Race, 190NM: 9e/11 Class V, elapsed time 40h17', IOR: 21.7', coque rouge et blanche, J. TALBOT
ISORA, 5/8 races: 6e/28 B1

1979 ISORA, 2/7 races: DNC/28 B1

1980 ISORA, 2/7 races: 20e/26 B1

1982 ISORA, 3/7 races: 5 - 5 - dns - 4 - dns - dns = 8e/21 B1, J. TALBOT

1983 ISORA, 2/7 races: 12e/18 B1

1984 ISORA, 4/7 races: 8e/37 B1, J. TALBOT

1985 ISORA Championship, 2/7 races: 15e/25 B1, J. TALBOT

1986 ISORA Championship, 3/7 races: 15e/28 B1, J. TALBOT

Picture from Facebook 2022,

Cavalier, GBR 5107
1992 New owner, Bill COCHRAM,
Club: Douglas Bay Yacht Club

2004 Info Half Ton Europ: "The Golden Shamrock "Cavalier" is actually based in the Isle Of Man. Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap is 980, however Cavalier races competitively off 962. The boat belongs to my father and is still competitively raced. I now live in the British Virgin Islands so no longer race her, but I am going back to the UK in August to compete in Scotland's West Highland Yachting Week on her. I had a very enjoyable 12 years and 20000nm of racing/sailing on her."

2002 Cork Week: ?e/??, COCHRAN, Douglas Bay Yacht Club/ Burntisland Sailing Club

2004 1 August, Craobh to Oban Passage Race: 6e/14 Class 5, TCF: 0.700

2007 New owners: Bernard RATCLIFFE & Pauline SELLWOOD

2012 November, mail received from Bernard Ratcliffe & Pauline Sellwood: "Cavalier is now based in Whitby on the North East Coast of England. We use her for day-sailing/racing and occasional trips up or down the coast. We have owned her for five years now."

2019 April, Seen on Port Edgar Yacht Club list, (Edimburgh)