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Green Dragon, K 511
à jour au: 2022
197? Plan Peterson #043, by Elephant Boatyard on the Hamble in Western Red Cedar on spruce

1978 Cervantes Trophy: 3e/?? Classe V, Brian SAFFERY-COOPER
Seine Bay Race: 1er/? Classe V
Open National Championship: 7 - 5 - 9 - 5 - 4 = 3e/46 Half
7 July "Yachts and Yachting",

, Poole: 20 - 14 - 11 - 6 - 9 = 7e/50, Brian SAFFERY-COOPER
July "Seahorse",

Champion du RORC

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1979 Picture from Facebook 2022,

9 juillet,
HALF TON CUP, Scheveningen: ?e/35
Picture from Facebook 2022,

Champion du RORC

November "Seahorse",

1980 Cowes-Dinard: ?e/70 classe V, Brian SAFFERY-COOPER
Champion du RORC
November "Seahorse",

Fort Sale

198? New owners and new flag,
Green Dragon, GR 511

Early ‘90s "She was lying in NCTh (Nautical Club of Thessaloniki from and was sailed quite successfully"

"She was sold to a new owner who renovated her and raced her into the ‘00s but have no idea what happened ever since"

2003 Located in Skopelos Island in Greece

2021 Seen in Greece, picture from Facebook,

2022 July, from Facebook , GREEN DRAGON : these photos are from e-newspaper Sporades (skopelos island) 26-01/2019.,