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Secrets, K 5395
à jour au: aout 2021
198? Plan Rod Humphries, type: MG HS30


1989 Isora Race #4: 4e/9 Halfs, Fleming, Jones & Peacock

1996 Aout "Yacht and Yachting" For Sale,

2000 Around New keel and rudder

2015 Stored in a barn

2020 Owned by Christopher Agar, "should be at the 2021 Half Ton Cup"

2021 July, launched
31 July, Cowes Week: (ocs) - 3 - 4 - 4 - 1 - 3 = 2e/14 IRC 5, Christopher AGAR
Mid of August, received from Christopher,"Boat has been unused for nearly 20years. I has just finished a complete refit by myself the current owner to bring her up to spec with the current modified half tonners. The keel and rudder were changed aprox 20 years ago by a previous owner. I have extended the topsides and deck aft, put a new transom on the boat and put a new cockpit in, the boat has had a complete respray, new mast, boom, pole, winches, clutches, standing and running rigging. The boat came out of the barn she was in at the start of july. She was then RORC weighed and measured."