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à jour au: october 2011
1978 Plan Ron Holland, one off Built by Falmarine, Falmouth, Cornwall.

1987 Greg PECK, Falmouth

1988 Pictured here 1988 in Penzance after being damaged in the harbour - note 2 holes in her and broken hull/deck joint. She is at this stage a centreboarder:

Major refit winter 88

Kind Of Magic
Humphrey rebuilt 88/89 and re-named as KIND OF MAGIC. Note MME keel fitted and sailing before the more widely known Humphries 3/4 tonners:

For sale – Ancasta Yacht Brokerage
Sold to ?, Plymouth.

1991 Reportedly stolen from marina mooring in Plymouth. Presumed destroyed as an insurance wright off.

1997 Competing in RWYC Evening Series 1997, Mike & Geoff Wright

1998 This photo K575 is just after winning the RWYC Autumnn Series in 1998.

Competing in the RWYC Autumn Series 1998

2011 February: all these informations (in black) and pictures come from James Richardson
October, received mail and pictures (in blue) from Tim LAWS: "J'etais un equipier sur K575 quand j'etais sur Plymouth pour mes etudes (96-99), The boat was not reported stolen until the summer of 1999.  The boat was owned by Mike & Geoff Wright during the late '90s.  During this time she was successful in many local regattas in Devon.  The boat was rigged with the spare mast from Ace and a One Tonner boom cut down to fit the boat."