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Fiction, KA 2153
à jour au: 2022
1976 Plan Peterson, built in NZ by Cavalier Yachts imported to KA (Half Measure sister ship)


1978 October-November "Offshore",

1979 Bought by Gregory Blaxell, Sailed offshore and inshore out of CYCA, Sydney Harbour, in 1980s and early 1990s by Blaxell family,

1988 August "Offshore",

6 August, Sydney Gold Coast Race: ?e/??, G. BLAXELL

2015 New owned Michael Blaxell (son of Greg) and Carolyn Penford, and is currently moored in Double Bay, Sydney Harbour.
From ???

2016 CYCA Winter Series Div G:  2nd/??

2017 CYCA Winter Series Div G:  1st/??
27 June, Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum, "3rd generation on board last Sunday",

2018 CYCA Winter Series Div G: 3rd/6

2021 Newowner, Laurence Blaxell, the boat is mored in Woodford Bay, in Sydney Harbour.