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TM/Urpo, L 4646
à jour au: avril 2023
1985 Plan Eivind STILL, STILL 900 kevlar hull,


1985 "Tekniikan Maailma",

Mimosa, L 4646
19?? Owner: ?

Silja, L 4646
National half-tonner championships: 1er/??. ??
"s/y Silja won the 1990 national half-tonner championships. followed by Flyer(aka A+) and Rakel. The race was won by 3 seconds in the last race. In the last race the wind was blowing 16m/s and s/y Silja raised her spinnaker 200m before the finnish line and went past Rakel (aka Miss Whiplash). The heavy spinnaker was hoisted only half way up when the bow dived and we were very lucky not to break the mast."
Gotland Runt: 2e/??
"Silja also finished second at the 1990 Gotland Runt after a Danish quarter-tonner. In this race Silja was capsized at the southern point of Gotland and lost her main sail and genoa. it took 6 hours to fix the main sail. After the main sail was fixed and hoisted again Silja made her top speed of 20,5 knots on a long surf."

1991 HALF TON CUP, Finlande: 8 - 9 - 6 - 6 - 7 = ? pts, 7e/12. ??
Picture from Youtube Nautor Swan Cup, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2J9ApmpKHs&fbclid=IwAR1yQOGtXbwVvrQISJeTKzrEQ50V2lAqKHS7mO3GJQA15_318umkn0N1x_4

Rosso, FIN 4646
1994 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 360 NM: 2e/31 IMS 7-8, corrected time 45h51

1995 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 357 NM: DNS

Hot Pepper, FIN 4759
2004 Owner: Mikko Karma

2009 information Jens Busch Vogue: Another Still 900 is L 4646, original name TM, other names has been Urpo, Mimosa, Hot Pepper. Built in 1985. 

2011 Seen on Finnish Racing Boat list;

Viikkari, FIN 4646
2013 October seen on Half Ton Class Europ, owner: Teijo Sorvari, Homeport: Naantali, Finland

2016 April, from Tero Lövgren: "Kevlar hull Still 900 half tonner L-4646 is now owned by Tero & Karl Lövgren and Esa Martin. I´ve been sailing with this yacht between 1989-1991. I'm very happy to own and sail this yacht again. Also happy to teach my son(Karl) how to sail these extreme yachts. We havent figured a new name for the yacht yet. When we do, we will let you know. Attached a pic of the yacht." (and 1990 blue coments and information)

Still Naughty, FIN 4646

2019 October, For Sale kevlar-hull "Still 900" designed by Eivind Still. 4 yachts were made for the 1986 worlds. These have very low freeboard and are fast in light air. Sails: new main, new nr 2, nr 1 good, 1*genaker, several spinnakers including ultralight. Deck hardware includes 8*Lewmars and everything is in good condition. Mast 15m very flexible, 2 spreaders and 2 bardoons. New Yanmar 9hp midengine. This yacht has won Flyer(A+) and Rakel(Miss Whiplash). Attached story from old sponsors magazine TM "World of Technics" ("TM pdf"). located in Turku Finland. Asking around 25k€/obo

2020 November, For sale FIN-4646, 1985 Eivind Still design for the 1986 Helsinki Worlds.

2021 2 Avril, site Halftonclasseurop, FOR SALE FIN-4646 "Still Naughty" ... "Still Naughty" is ready for racing. Asking around 20k/obo.

2023 April, informed by Tero:
New owners are Annina and Jack Baxter from Imatra/Finland.