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Destiny, ? ????
Last update: 2024
198? Plan ??, build by ? in Tacoma, near Seattle


198?  Owner Doug Southerland
From Facebook 2024 "Believe it is a 1/2 tonner build in Tacoma for Doug Southerland in the mid 80's. Southerland was Mayor of Tacoma at the time hence the name Destiny."

19??  New owner

From Facebook 2024 Alex Simanis "Destiny. Was a 1/2 tonner. Not sure of design. My dad sold it when I was a little kid. I remember losing the martec prop going through the locks when I was quite young."

2022 Restored

2024 May, from Facebook "This boat was put on the hard next to me today in Everett,Washington. Owner said she was built near Seattle and a 1/4ton but Seems more like a half ton size to me or she is a long 1/4ton by pacing off."

"It was a few slips away from my boat and lovingly restored a couple of years ago. Sadly I never have seen the boat on the race course or out of it's slip"
"Looks identical to a Bob Kirby 30’ 1/2 ton I had."