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Skawbelle, N 128
à jour au: 2023
1969 Plan Sigurd Herbern, made in wood, traditionally style at Kittelsen in Risør in Norway

"At the yard in Risør",

, Sandhamm: ?e/42, Henrich NISSEN-LIE

Pictures and comment from Axel Nissen-Lie "Built My father got made a half ton for the World Championship i Stockholm 1969.  The yacht «Skawbelle» made in wood, traditionally style at Kittelsen in Risør in Norway. He made 3 of them, 2 of them sailed the HTC. Sail number NOR 128. The yacht was designed by Norwegian Sigurd Herbern. Earlier he designed «Tresbelle» a one ton. He also did av quarter ton. The all was made in production with fiberglass hulls in the early 70’ties.
My father Henrich Nissen-Lie was the skipper in 1969. On the team was olympic champion Peder Lunde. The yard was delayed, and the didn’t get time to prepare. Scampi was a lot faster. The sister ship was owned by Erik Wiig-Hansen, also Norwegian."

1970 At the boatshow,

"My father won a lot of races i Norway with Skawbelle, but not international. He recon the shape of the boat is less stable for the short choppy waves in the Baltic."

1971 Skawrace: ?e/??, Henrich NISSEN-LIE

1973 New Owner, Birger Kullmann (Birger Kullmann became later an naval architect, most famous for his Mini Tonner’s in the 80ties)

1976 Sold

"After that, «Skawbelle» was a cruiser."

Late 90's "Skawbelle sunk late 90ties",

New owner, Einar Husby

2000 "Restored it, and got a price during a Wooden boat festival in Risør"

20?? New owner

20?? New owner, Einar Husby,

"Now the boat is back at Einar ownership, and partly restored." 

2022 4 October, Pictures from Axel Nissen-Lie

2023 February, all information and pictures received from Axel Nissen-Lie, "«Skawbelle» is still in Norway, and Einar Husby is restoring it for the second time"