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Mo Bettah Too, ?? ????
19?? Plan Nelson & Marek,
Last update: 2021


???? New owner Jack Foster, Royal Victoria YC, and new name
, US ????

1985 Swiftsure: 1st/?? Div??

1988 Swiftsure: 1st/?? Div??

???? New owner and new name
Mo Bettah Too
, US ????

20?? Picture from Facebook (2021)

2018  9 August, from Facebook (2021) "I finally managed to get this Nelson/Marek 1/2 Tonner bought today after nearly 5 months of trying. Now I just have to get it 100 miles down the coast to home. It has reputedly hit 12 knots so it might be a fast trip if I get a nice Northwesterly. On the sail test today we stayed at 6 knots beating into a very light breeze while trying to figure out sail trim - it's a very quick boat. I included a shot of the underbody to show that it is not the usual distorted IOR stern - that probably explains the speed. These are the best pics I have right now. Don't know why the stern shot rotated - I can't correct it. The boat is not a zombie but it is the far end of scruffy so I've got lots of projects ahead of me. I'll post the interesting stuff as it happens. It is one of the best constructed boats I've ever seen - the interior structure, bulkheads etc. are so well done and finished that they look almost like a liner. Not a hint of a soft spot or delam anywhere on the hull or deck. It seems to be a well known boat around the Salish Sea but I'm having trouble finding anything specific about it. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can advise who built it (someone in Seattle as best I can determine), any specs on it or who can put me in touch with the original owner so I can glean some data on it."

2021 August, From IOR Lanfill Facebook page "Renovation of Mo Bettah Too half-tonner designed by Nelson&Marek. Renovation performed by signature SloopJonB at SA"