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??, I 9495
à jour au: 2021
198? Plan Fontana-Maletto-Navone, Cantiere RPD

Seabubble, I 9495

1982 23 aout, Half Ton Cup, Pireus, Greece: ?e/38
Picture Facebook 2021

1987 Campionato Dell'Adriatico Half Tonner: 11e/20, Giovanni PASOTTI

1988 12 mai, Camp. Italiano Quinta classe - Chioggia: 19e/24, Giovanni PASOTTI, CVR Ravenna
Pictures from http://www.circolonauticochioggia.it/archivio/-/asset_publisher/AMv7lvKnF4co/content/Foto-campionato-IOR-1988,

1992 Half Ton Cup, Chiogga: 12e/12, LOGINOV, (RUS)

2021 Unknow boat from Facebook, Duncan, "Spotted while cycling through Rimini marina/harbour. Some incredible yachts moored there but the IOR misfit caught my eye",

July, information received from Franco Manzoli "Half Ton Seabubble I-9495, Fontana-Maletto-Navone, Cantiere RPD, sisteship of  "Attenti a quei due" I-9630"