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1985 Plan Ceccarelli,

1985 HALF TON CUP, Italie: ?e/35. ??, (photo dans "Course au Large", janvier 86),
"L'année Voile 1985/86",

1987 Championnat Italien des Halfs: 10e/29, BORGHI

Picture from HTC Italia,

1988 12 mai, Camp. Italiano Quinta classe - Chioggia: 3e/24, Alberto PERDISA, CNCervia
Pictures from http://www.circolonauticochioggia.it/archivio/-/asset_publisher/AMv7lvKnF4co/content/Foto-campionato-IOR-1988,

1992 Half Ton Cup, Chioggia: 10e/12, ZAVAGLIA
Campionato dell’Adriatico Half Tonner: 3e/20, PERDISA

2011 Navigue en Italie

Same boat??

2022 1986 Eurosebina PROTOTIPO HALF TON, EUR 6.000,- Boat FOR SALE on Reperform.com, Buyer's Fee: euros 500,00 plus VAT payable by the buyer. Category: PROTOTYPE - designed by Ceccarelli expressly for racings with a long history of victories, Constructor: EUROSEBINA, Construction material: KEVLAR, Year: 1986, Length: 9 m Width: 3 m Displacement (T): 2, Transportable passengers: 6, Cabins: 1 - The bow 'cabin' is separated from the rest by an unenclosed bulkhead, Berths: 2, Engines and type: 1 Inboard Constructor: Volvo Penta, Accessories and equipment: BOWSPRIT FOR ASYMMETRICAL (To Be Completed), Sail equipment: 2 MAINSAILS, 2 GENOAS, 1 JIB, 1 SYMMETRICAL SPINNAKER, Work carried out: Hull Sealing, Work to be done: Antifouling, Engine Overhaul, location Milano