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Animal Farm, US 18800
Last update: 2019
1974 Plan
Willye, built in Cold Moulded timber

1974 Yachting Cup, San Diego: 1er/??
US Half Ton Cup, Texas: 1er/??
Picture from Scott Krivanek Facebook 2020,

23 August,
Half Ton Cup, La Rochelle
: 10 - 6 - 26 - 22 - 1 =
29 aout, "Sud Ouest",

Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting":

1975 Février "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

Owned or steered by Chris Corlett, Corpus Christi, USA
Half Ton Cup, Chicago
: 21 - ret - 27 - ret - ret - 14 = 29e/30, Bill CARTER

1979 May "Latitude 38", full article

1991 Corinthian YC Midwinters: 2e/26 PHRF 3, Rob PHIBBS

From Facebook 2022 Mike Schachter "For a few years, a friend owned Animal Farm while I owned Hawkeye. We kept both boats in Newport Beach. We had some epic races against each other! Those two boats were amazingly quick upwind and held their own downwind. Shy kites were needed if the breeze was up, which is rare in SoCal. Tom Wylie had some great boats then."

Picture from Facebook 2020,

2019 Le bateau est à Monterey, photo Facebook Monterey Bay Boatworks Boatyard

2020 February from Facebook, Scott Krivanek, owner: "That was cool to check out. I knew the boat when it was first built and stumbled across it a few years ago. It needed a lot of work and I'm just now getting to the point where I'm going to be able to sail it. I'm really looking forward to that"
Pictures from Facebook 2020,