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Boadicea, K 700
à jour au: 1979
1979 Plan Stephen Jones

1979 9 juillet, HALF TON CUP, Scheveningen: 9e/35, J. M. JACKSON
Picture from Facebook 2022,

From Alamy Stock Photo website,

From Sailing Anarchy Forum 2013, could be this boat?!

Photos reçue de James Richardson:

From Sailing Anarchy Forum 2013: "Boadicea suffering particularly badly from the '80 and '81 rule changes; after two chain saw massacres on the aft overhang and latterly a large E reduction, the owner decided he had better things to do than pour cash down the ORC hole. A pity, one of Stephen's prettier boats, more in the NZ / French style than his usual. So was Boadicea scrapped or is it rotting in a shed or muddy creek somewhere?"