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Madman's Woodyard, KA 4803
à jour au: 2020
1981 or 85(?!) Plan Ed Dubois, L: 9.6, Built in Queensland, Cold moulded, triple diagonal planked in Queensland Maple

1981 Launched?!!

1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 85e/123 corrected time 3d15h21' TCF 7079, C. BOWLING, (lost her mast and making it to Hobart under jury rig??!!)

1987 26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: DNF/153, losing her rudder after colliding with a sunfish

Fuels Paradise,
1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 43e/108 corrected time 3d12h15', TCF 7061, J. MESSENGER

The Millennium Falcon,
1991 26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 79e/90 en 4j13h46', 28th in IOR and 9th.in Division C, TCF 7061, J. MESSENGER

Madman's Woodyard, 4803

2006 For Sale at Bellerive
Comment from a forum: "Having sailed about half the above list on the odd occasion the best one to take to Ireland (for HTC) would be Woodyard - about 120 kg heavier than the other Dubois boats but with heaps more sail area - light air rocket - I mean Mumm 30 fast"

2015 27 mars, IOR Cup, Bellerive YC: ?e??, Andrew WISE

2016 Midweek Series 3: 3e/??, behind Galapagos Duck, Terry Bragg and Just In Time, Mick Sheehan.
9 décembre, North Sails IOR Cup, Bellerive YC: ?e/??
Pictures from Bellerive YC website,

Janvier, seen on Australian Racing boat list with this picture,

2020 October, From Facebook, Dubois half tonner "Madman's Woodyard", built in Queensland and currently for sale in Bellerive, Tasmania.