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Hot Bubbles 2, ? ????
à jour au: 2021
1977 Plan Farr #054, built NZ in wood

1977 March, ?? Short Ocean race: 1er/??, Graham OBORN
March 27 "Sydney Morning Herald",

1978 March "Sailing",

1990's From 2019 SA forum "Certainly looks like HB2. Spent many a happy hour on her on Sydney Harbour (CYC Winter Series etc) in the 90s, and a couple of short offshore races Sydney-Port Stephens, Sydney-Botany Bay etc. It seems like a long time ago, and a much more innocent time. She had runners on her which the stick really didn't need, and they seem to have been removed. Probably won't point so well with backstay on hard, probably won't matter."

Icedoctor, KA 2064

2019 14 February from a forum "recently purchased a farr 1/2 Tonner, currently called icedoctor, might have been called tyco. Located currently on the Port Hacking. Looking to find some info out about the boat, like who built her, what was her racing history, previous owner mentioned she’s done a Hobart. I bought the boat quite well and intend on giving her tidy up, and race her in twilights and the occasional short ocean race. Any information on Farr half Tonner would be of help"

2021 Farr 1/2 Tonner Farr 30 Farr yacht, $800 Negotiable, Cronulla, Hot Bubbles 2 - Farr Half Tonner, Seeks new custodian who has the time and dedication to restore her back to former glory. She was stripped down, but project never got going as current custodian does not have time. Located south of Sydney