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Miss Misty, N 2700
Last update: 2024
1980 Plan Amble built in Grimstad

From 2024 advert,

Norwegian Steam, NOR 2700

1982 For Sale

1985 Færderseilasen: 10e/23 IOR 5, H.K. KNUDSEN

1994 10 June, Færderseilasen: 17e/27 Klasse 9/A, Elmer AMADAHL

1995 9 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 18e/31 Klasse 12/A elapsed time 25h16'

1996 7 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 84': DNF/30 Lys C 1,15-16

1997 6 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 14e/19 Lys R <1,15 elapsed time 26h32'

1998 12 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 10e/23 Lys R <1,15 elapsed time 17h24',

2000 16 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 65': DNS/39 Lys R <1,15,

2004 Owner: Ole M. Dahl
Skagen, Picture from Norway Half Ton Class Facebook 2020,

2006 10 January, First regatta this year: 2e/??
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2022 Found standing in an industrial area in Lysekil by Gunnar Tørnqvist.
May, pictures after refit from Facebook,

6 November/26 March 2023, Vinterseilasene, Hanko: DNS

2023 January, on Classic Half Ton Cup 2023 entrants list, Team Steam
14 August, 13th Half Ton Classics Cup, Hanko: 13.5 - 12 - 13 - 12 - (17) - 17 - (18) - 24 - 10 - 10 = 14e/35, Gunnar TORNQVIST
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2024 May, For Sale Half ton Norwegian Steam, NOR 2700, one off by Eivind Amble, PriceSEK 225,000, After a lot of work and a lot of fun, we have decided to let others enjoy Norwegian Steam. It is now in good condition and will be able to contribute with a lot of sailing pleasure in the coming years. In our ownership, the boat has been continuously upgraded with new sails, joints, halyards, blocks and appears in very good sailing technical condition. The boat is rigged for the regatta. In 2023, the boat was sanded down and putty below the waterline, and on deck, winches were installed for bilge tackles and rails for foresail. For the 2023 sailing season, a new sailing wardrobe was purchased from Rustad Sails. It's black. Membrane sail in aramid/carbon The boat was refurbished in the mid-1990s, the boat was among other things. varnished/painted and the engine was replaced. Rig In the last year, all of the halyards/ropes have been replaced. The boat is now on land at the Andersen slipway at Vikane and will be launched in May. (Can be launched quickly), Delivered freshly polished and with new antifouling. Contact us for a viewing of the boat! The boat is now ready for a new team that will participate in the Half ton class environment. Of course, a lot happens in the class, among other things, the Half Ton Classic cup is back in 2026 at Hankø and the 2024 season will be fantastic with the NM in Asker, Hankø race week and HTCC in Belgium.
A bit of history: "Norwegian Steam" was designed by Eivind Amble in 1979 and was built for the Flying Dutchman sailor Ragnar Østensen. The boat is a One Off. It was started in Grimstad in 1980, with the aim of participating in the Half Ton Cup in Sandhamn the same year, but did not manage to finish. The boat was not completed until 1982 according to the Norwegian Maritime Safety Authority. Morten Jensen in Seilmagasinet. Norwegian Steam is the sister boat and forerunner of the Fram 8.
From Seilmagasinet, Morten Jensen: In the September 1982 issue of Seilas & Båtliv, the headline read "An adventurous half-ton interest". Norway was allowed to field ten boats in the World Championships, and that there would be competition for places was beyond any doubt. The selection for the championship was estimated to be somewhere between 20 and 30 Norwegian boats. Something like this had never happened before in Norwegian ocean racing. The boat was supposed to participate in the Half Ton Cup in Sandhamn in 1980, but did not manage to finish. Originally, the plan was to cast half-tonne boats in the molds from "Norwegian Steam" at Olaf Robert's at Storsand, but interest was low so the boat was already advertised for sale in the autumn of 1982. Østensen had realized that he did not have time to sail the boat. Strangely enough, the boat was not sold to potential World Cup sailors, but the With family took an interest in the mold that had been made by "Norwegian Steam". The shape was sawn in half and shortened 20 cm and became "Saa Vidt", but that's another story.... To make a long story short: "Norwegian Steam" has had several owners since 1982 and finally ended up in Sweden with a Norwegian owner before it was found standing in an industrial area in Lysekil in 2022 by Gunnar Tørnqvist.