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Linn Hi Fi, K ????
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1989 Plan Castro Built by ?


"She was built in an old garage under Erskine Bridge", comment and pictures from Facebook 2021,

1989 Clyde week: 1st overall
Scottish series: 1st/?? class 5
HALF TON CUP, Le Havre: 11e/15. Dismasted race 4 whilst in 4th place,
Picture from Facebook 2021,

Comment from Facebook 2022 "This photo was taken just after the Half Ton Cup, in Le Havre, when the Proctor mast broke again, never stayed strait and folded on a run when;.."

Linn Hi Fi, CRO ?15

From Facebook 2021 "Last seen in Austria" & "I seem to remember Bill McKay saying it was in Croatia" and "LINN was the Croatian IOR champion, winner of te Austria Cup-Racing Class, many famous sailors learned to regatta sail on it."