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Supermonstre, I 8312
à jour au: 2021
19?? Plan Sciomachen, Balanzone


1981 Italian Championship, Cervia: ?e/30 Classe V
Pictures from Facebook 2020,


I am not sure she is the same boat: open/closed cockpit and forward part of roof are different...

2021 September, seen in Cattolica, Italy (Adriatic Coast), Comments and pictures from Facebook, "I think she was launched after the first Balanzone. Anyway her sailnumber is I-8312, it can be checked. Supermonstre was born masthead and later modified with a fractional rig for the 1982 HTC. If I remember well the new sailplan was also designed by Sciomachen. She was really loved by the owner. She kept all hardware for masthead, so she could be converted anytime again to masthead"