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Einstein, KA R 2
à jour au: 1992
1990 Plan Andrieu,

1990 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: DNF, Michael CRANITCH
(name seen on S2H 1990 results)

Denso Einstein,
1991 26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: 26e/36 IOR corrected time 3d04h11', handicap 0.7035

From Facebook 2021

1992 Petersville: 3rd/?? overall (behind Dry Reach and Chutzpah)


Comments and pictures from Facebook 2021, "One of the last IOR yachts ever built in Australia Denso Einstien was built by the Purtell Brothers in Stephan Clive and Michael in about 1990 Designed by Frenchman Daniel Andrieu. From 1990 to 1992 she won every race series she entered it was a Rocket Ship the last time I saw her was at the Marina at Bellerive Yacht Hobart Tasmania"
"We built her in 10 weeks she was in every Yacht Magazine Published in Australia between 1990 to 1992 because she was unbeatable."

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