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à jour au: August 2023
1989 Plan Andrieu, construit chantier B&B. L: 8,98m, l: 3,05m, draft: 1,85m

1989 Juin, article de Dominique Bourgeois dans le magazine "Grand Voile" sur la comparaison entre les halfs 89 Berret et Andrieu, lien pour l'article.
GP du Crouesty: 2e/7. Alain GAUTIER
Solo Concorde: 2e/16
HALF TON CUP, Le Havre: 2e/14
Aout "Grand Voile":

FIGARO : 2 à 16' - 2 - 1 en 75h - 3 à 6' = 1er/26.

Photo de G. Le Cossec, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Triangle du Soleil: 1er/??. Éq: Christian DUMARD, François LAMIOT

Vendu aux espagnols!

2008 Juin, A Vendre, nouveau mat, visible Sotogrande, Espagne, 45 000 Euros.

2009 Francis Marshall has bought the former La Concorde from Spain and will be racing out of Plymouth.

2011 21 August, HALF TON CLASSIC, Cowes: 9 - 8,9 - 5 - 8 - 5 - (14,5) - (20) - 11 - 7 - 1 = 54,9pts, 5e/38, Coeff IRC: 0.957, Francis MARSHALL

Photos Fiona Brown

2012 2 more pictures...

2014 7 juillet, HALF TON CLASSIC, Saint Quay Portrieux, France: 63pts, Coeff IRC: 0.954, 9e/22, Francis MARSHALL

The 2014 Half Ton Spirit Trophy was awarded to deafening applause to Concorde (1989 Andrieu) owned by Francis Marshall and crewed by Robert Libby, Matt and Ivan Jacock, Peter Greenwood, Dick Jackman and Jack Spree - a bunch of Enterprise sailors and fishermen from Loo in Cornwall.

2016 15 aout, Half Ton Classics Cup, Falmouth: (bfd) - 10 - 18 - 6 - 5 - 12 - (19) -4 - 13 = 10e/20, Rating: 0,965, Francis MARSHALL

2017 14 aout, Half Ton Classics Cup, Kinsale: 17 - 17 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 14 - 18 - (dn?) - dn? … = 18e/21, Handicap: 0,965, Francis MARSHALL

2020 June, from Facebook, Enid Marshall "Concorde is my husbands boat. It’s definitely not rotting away as it’s all carbon and is very soon to be united with a new carbon mast imported from Sweden. The demise of the old mast and some family illness led to some sad time on her trailer. Soon off to a barn for some love and 2021 HTC prep. For those interested she is an Andrieu 89 one of the last ever halftonners built and a previous Figaro winner."

2022 Seen sailing in Oslofjord, Norway...
6 November/26 March 2023, Vinterseilasene, Hanko: 1 - 1 - 1 - 7 - 1 - 1 - dnc - dnc - 1 - dsq - dnc - dnc - dnc - dnc - dnc - dnc ... = 7e/27 HT

2023 February, on 2023 Half Ton Classic Cup entrants list, Hanko, Norway, Bror A BERGE
End of March, back at sea in Hanko, pictures from Facebook,

5 May, Norgesmesterskap 1/2-ton: ocs - 5 - 5 - (6) - 6 = 5e/20, IRC 0.970, Bror A BERGE
14 August, 13th Half Ton Classics Cup, Hanko: 4.5 - (10) - 3 - 4.5 - 1 - 5 - 3 - 7.5 - 6 - (7) = 4e/35
Picture from Facebook,

Picture from Half Ton Class Europe website,

October, Half Ton Class Europe website, FOR SALE: FRA 9292 CONCORDE (ANDRIEU 1989) Concorde is a late model Daniel Andrieu design from 1989 that was built for Alain Gautier at the B&B yard in La Trinité-sur-Mer. Concorde was built without any budget considerations of carbon and titanium and is extremely light displacement 2nnn with 2nn internal ballast. Concorde has always been a fast yacht as she was 2nd at the HTC in Le Havre (1989), and also won Le Figaro in that same year. Since the start of the HTCC Concorde has always been top 10, and this year at Hankø Norway we managed a 4th out of 35 entries. The yacht is still in it’s original IOR configuration apart from a change to a Mark Mills IRC keel. Current IRC rating is 0.959. For this year's HTCC at Hankø, all running rigging, sheets/guys and trim lines have been upgraded to Liros spectra cordage, a new set set of Raymarine instruments with 2x maxi mast displays has been installed. The hull and appendages have been sanded down and gone over with Nautix A4 T-speed which has been wet sanded with 400-800. All winches and blocks have been pulled apart and serviced. The cabin top winch has been replaced with a new Harken self-tailing equivalent. The hull has been polished and the deck sanded down and re-sprayed. A purpose built road legal trailer is included in the sale. An additional non-used carbon fiber mast section may also follow the yacht if relevant. Sail Inventory: 2023 Carbon Membrane Heavy #1, Carbon Membrane #3 Jib, S2 Spinnaker 0.6oz, All other sails from 2017 North Sails, for training only. Lying in southern Norway,Asking price: 36.000 Euros, Concorde will travel to the next HTCC in Nieuwpoort (Belgium), and will be available for sale before/after the championship.



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