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1994 plan David Lyons-Lanhaux, construit par Kanga BIRTLES (ex Boc en 60'), l: 14'25", draft: 12', poids: 12.500lbs.
Construction: Vinylester resin and e-glass laminates over divinycell foam core, the inner skin is Kevlar for increased panel stiffness and impact resistance.
Ballast type: Water ballast ; 1,800 liter in 2-built in tanks

US magazine,

Boc Challenge:
4e/11 50' en 181j14h à 50j,
étape 1, Charleston - Cape Town: 4e/11 50' en 52j01h11' à 9j16h. Il récupére J. Hall (concurrent en 60') qui est en train de couler.
1995 étape 2, Cape Town - Sydney: 3e/8 50' en 34j04h09' à 6j02h.
étape 3, Sydney -  Punta del Este: 4e/6 50' en 56j10h35' à 25j de Soldini, dématage, plus problmée de safrans, s'arrete aux Malouines
étape 4, Punta del Este  - Charleston: 3e/6 50' en 39j03h, à 10j.
Aout "Seahorse":

1996 February "Seahorse":

1998 Bateau complétement transformé, il ne reste plus que la coque et le pont!
Around Alone : 3e/9 classe 2 en 150j20h22 à 50j, Brad VAN LIEW
étape 1, Charleston - Cape Town: 3e/9 classe 2 en 41j12h28' à 24h. quelques problémes de safran.
1999 étape 2, Cape Town - Auckland: 3e/9 classe 2 en 35j16h52' à 6j07h.
étape 3, Auckland -  Punta del Este:
3e/7 classe 2 en 30j15h30' à 1j02h.
étape 4, Punta del Este  - Charleston: 4e/7
classe 2 en 42j23h31' à 11j23h.

Septembre: Location Portsmouth Rhode Island until Sept 12, 1999, then moved to Los Angeles Californie.
"Seahorse" July:

2000 Février, A Vendre, "one on the fastest Open's 50' in the world", meticulously maintened, ready to race

Octobre, Seahorse A Vendre David Lyons Design, new carbon mast, new sails, new paint, water ballast, complete refurbish on all systems 195 000 $
Décember "Seahorse", Open-50, Ex "Balance Bar" extensive upgrades to like new condition.

2002 Mars, Canadian Duncan Gladman has acquired the Open 50, which Brad Van Liew raced into 3rd place in the 1998/9 Around Alone. 
Around Alone: DNS. Duncan GLADMAN

Février, vu sur le site: http://www.sailingnetworks.com:
Single handed Open 50 Built for 94 Around Alone, sailed as Newcastle Australia, Sailed again in 97 as Balance Bar, Design: Lyons Open 50, Hull Colour: White, Built: 1994, Construction: Foam Core Epoxy

2014 Février, Open 50 NANUQ, For Sale-A Vendre, Description: David Lyons design, Jarkan built Open 50, Year: 1994, Price: US$ 185,000 New Listing, Lying: Long Beach, USA

2017 Noted as sold on Owenclarkdesign website

New Owner and new name,
Sparrow, USA 56914

2020 8 February, Bishop Rock race: ?e/??
8 November, Singlehanded and nonstop eastabout circumnavigation starting from and returning to San Francisco: DNF, Whitall STOKES
26 December, South of Cap Horn
30 December, stopped at Puerto Williams, Chile

2021 Picture from Internet,

September "Global Solo Challenge website",
1994 David Lyons designed Open 50 “Sparrow” for sale. An Open 50, Sparrow was designed by David Lyons and built in Australia by Kanga Birtles at Jarkan for the 1994 BOC Around the World Race. An Open 50, Sparrow was designed by David Lyons and built in Australia by Kanga Birtles at Jarkan for the 1994 BOC Around the World Race. As Newcastle Australia, Alan Nebauer completed the race after dismasting before Cape Horn, rounding jury rigged. Then sailing to the Falklands where a new mast was fitted. Then enroute to Punta del Este, his rudder failed, and he fitted a steering oar to complete the leg to Punta del Este. Alan rightly earned seamanship awards for his tenacity and grit, and finished fourth in class. Four years later, American Brad Van Liew race her around the globe again in the 1998-99 Around Alone as Balance Bar. This time it was Brad’s turn, and he was dismasted on the final leg to Charleston. But again a new mast was fitted and Brad completed the race, finishing 3rd in class.
Philippe Khan bought her, renamed Pegasus and worked with Brad to fit a new carbon mast, rudder and deck, along with a new keel and ballast tanks, engine and electronics. Location Charleston, S.C., USA

2022 25 August, Ronnie Simpson is the 52nd entrants to the 2023 Global Solo Challenge race
Beginning of September, handed the keys to the Open 50 Sparrow in Maine
Annapolis boat show

2023 June, qualification: 2,000-mile course from the Chesapeake Bay, out around Bermuda and then up to Maine: 11 days, Ronnie SIMPSON
26 June, the boat comes out at Maine Yacht Center
July, Global Solo Challenge Starting date 28/10/2023 from La Corona, Spain

End of July, boat back at sea
Shipyard Brewing, USA 50
28 October, Global Solo Challenge (GSC), A Coruna, Spain: DNF/16
, Ronnie SIMPSON
4 December, South Cape of Good Hope
24 December, South Cape Leuwin,

31 December, pit stop in Hobart, sails issues

2024 3 January, back in race, stil 3rd
2 February, South of Cap Horn
12 February, dimasting
12 February evening, skipper transfered to cargo ship,
Picture from race's website,

Abandonned, sinking