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2006 Plan Greg ELLIOTT, construit en NZ à Christchurch par Dave Norris Boatbuilder. Quille pivotante et dérive centrale.

2006 12 mai, she arrive in Auckland. Graham DALTON
Graham Dalton's new Open 50 has arrived in Auckland and is being rigged in the Viaduct Basin. She has already undergone the mandatory self-righting test.
Named 'A Southern Man - AGD', she is the first Open 50 class yacht built in New Zealand and features a canting keel and nine-metre retractable centreboard amongst other high-tech gear to aid solo ocean racing. The letters AGD have been added to the boat's name in memory of Graham's 23-year-old son, Tony, who died in December last year.
Juin "Course Au Large",

5 aout, Simrad 60: DNS
New Zealand solo sailor Graham Dalton has completed his trans-Atlantic qualifying voyage for the Velux 5 Oceans Race, a solo race, with two stops, around the world.
20 octobre, Graham Dalton announced today that he will not make the 1300 start of the VELUX 5 OCEANS this Sunday, 22nd October, due to severe damage to his mast. With just two days to go until the start of the toughest solo round-the-world yacht race, Dalton, who has been plagued with problems throughout his campaign insists he will still start the race, as soon as is practically possible which under race regulations, must be within seven days.
22 octobre, Around Alone: 4 - dnc - dns = dnc/7, Seul 50', Graham DALTON
  1e étape Bilbao-Freemantle: 4e/7 en 71j15h.
November 3, PIT STOP 1: Pulls into Porto Santo to make repairs to rudder
 December 19, PIT STOP 2: Pulls into Kerguelen Islands to re-fuel and repair torn headsail
 December 21, One year anniversary of Tony’s death, alone at sea
 December 24, Runs into largest storm in the race and questions his survival as he is battered by 90 mph winds
 December 25, Christmas alone at sea

2007 2e étape Freemantle-Norfolk: DNC.
 January 27, PIT STOP 3: Pulls in Bluff (New Zealand) to replace food supplies ruined by diesel leak
 February 13, Breaks two fingers close to where his boom snapped in the Around Alone 2002
 February 21, PIT STOP 4: Pulls into Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, to re-fuel and repair headboard car
 March 14, PIT STOP 5: Damages rudder cassette and arrives in Fortaleza (Brazil)
 March 19, Discovers keel bulb has fallen off, after suffering food poisoning and all electrical and navigational equipment has been stolen, whilst in Fortaleza
 April 4, Leaves Brazil after building a new keel bulb in local yard
 April 19, PIT STOP 6: Pulls into Bermuda after shredding genoa is storm and to repair autopilot system
 April 25, FINISH LEG TWO: Arrives in Norfolk, but too late to start leg three without breaking race rules
 June 1, Departs on spiritual journey from Norfolk destined for Bilbao to complete race course
 June 15, Dalton reports that he has lost his port rudder
 June 18, Arrives in Bilbao

New australian owner, ?

2013 13 juillet, B&G Simrad 60, NZL: elapsed 2e/16 Division 1, 11h01'
10 aout, B&G Simrad 100, NZL: elapsed 1er/16 Division 1, 12h07'
7 septembre, B&G Simrad 50, NZL: elapsed 3e/16 Division 1, 6h13'
Octobre, For Sale, Venture II, Subject to a very recent and comprehensive refit completed in April 2013 with no expense spared and no stone unturned under the watchful eye of the designer Greg Elliott. Keel and hydraulics fully serviced and new optimised keel bulb. Full repaint to hull and deck. Complete rig service and replacement of standing and running rigging. New sails. Un-ashamedly ready to race or fast cruise and looking like a new boat but with the all the bugs ironed out, this Greg Elliott thoroughbred is absolutely ready for the next exciting new adventure.
Pictures from owenclarkedesign website.