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à jour au: septembre 2011
1997 plan Bergstrom-Ridder, construit chez Windex. 5,7t. Mat aile tripode(?), 49' seulement.

1998 Around Alone: DNF//9 Class 2. Robin DAVIE
étape 1, Charleston - Cape Town: 9e/9 class 2 en 70j06h avec 272h de pénalité (en retard au départ!).
1999 étape 2, Cape Town - Auckland: DNC//9 class 2 arrive trop en retard..

2000 C1Star: inscrit, DNS. Robin DAVIE

2002 Site Boc 02 Class ll WindExpress 48 "Around Alone" Details at: SOUTH CAROLINA

Med Simrad OneStar: 29e/31. Magnus KULLBERG, (41)

2011 September: recieved mail and pictures from Greg Simmons:  "We sailed the boat from Gothenburg to Lulea, Sweden back in June".
"The mast is mounted on a tripod that is built into the boat.  The rig has a total of 20 stays (10 per side) and is it is quite difficult to get it to be straight with 20 turnbuckles!
But, the mast can be trimmed on land and then there are only 2 stays per side that hold it up, so it is actually a little less complicated once the mast is properly trimmed.  There are no back stays or running back stays and the boom is fixed vertically.  Kick is done by using both an outhaul and an uphaul.  All in all, the boat is really easy to sail.