Courses Autours du monde 2022-2024 - Round the World Races 2022-2024

Last update: 25 October 2021



2022 June 26, Globe 40, doublehanded, departure from Tanger (Marocco), only Class 40 boat accepted


2022 October, The Ocean Race, Alicante-Genoa (9 legs), VO 65 & Imoca, entrants list from race's website:

IMOCA, 14 teams: Offshore Team Germany (ALL), E51
11th Hour Racing Team (USA), A44
Spanish Team (ESP)
TR Racing (FRA)
Paul Meilhat (FRA)
Team Malizia (ALL), A48 under construction
French Campaign (FRA)
Tigress Racing (GBR)
China Sports (CHN)
Asian Team
Mission for the Future (européenne)
Nuraxi Team (ITA)
SC Brasil Esporte Náutico
Italia Sailing Team (ITA)

VO65 class, 8 teams: W Ocean Racing (HOL)
NZ Ocean Racing 22 (NZL)
Ocean Racing GMBH (AUT)
Sailing Poland (POL)
Sailing Holland (SUE/HOL)
Team Baltic (LIT)
Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team (POR)
Team Mexico (MEX)


2023 Summer, The Race Around, doublehanded and singlehanded, only Class 40 boat accepted


2023 September, Global Solo Challenge (GSC), single-handed around the world east-about sailing Event, without outside assistance, size of boats from approximately 35ft to around 50ft.( with few Class 40 & Open 40:

September, François Gouin, 35th entrant, "Kawan 3", Pogo 40S, FRA
27 August, Amaury de Jamblinne, 30th entrant, "Black Pearl", Pogo 40, BEL
Luca Tosi, looking for Class 40, ITA
Neil Payter, "Caribeira", Lucas Class 40, GBR
February, Kevin Le Poidevin, "Roaring Forty", Lutra Open 40, AUS
12 October, Juan Merediz, 37th entrant, "ESP 69", Pogo 40S, ESP

2023 10 September, Ocean Globe Race, "In the spirit of the original 1973 Whitbread Race” celebrating its 50th anniversary... 34 boats only, including

Flyer Class 2, Tracy Edwards, British, Farr 60 Maiden
Flyer Class 3, Lionel Regnier/Pierre Yves Cavan, French, L’esprit d’Equipe, (also "33 Export", "Esprit de Liberté")
Flyer Class 4, Team Translated Italian, Swan 65 S&S, ex "Adc Accutrac", now "Translated 9"
Flyer Class 6 Reserved, French, "Mor Bihan"
Flyer Class 7, Marie Tabarly, French, "Pen-Duick VI"

Classic Challenge 1, Reserved, Whitbread 60
Classic Challenge 2, Reserved, Volvo 60
Classic Challenge 3, Reserved, Maxi
Classic Challenge 4, Reserved, Maxi