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June 2008: 2 news catégories, Quarters Tonners and Formule 40 (on Excel), I have not enought information on them to be "historique", it is more like "indications". And more than usually, I am looking for more and more informations...

These 2 catégories are difficult to update:
Quarters Tonners, because many ship have been built over the year everywhere in the world.

Formule 40, very good idea, but very short (3-4 years) experience due to the lack of media exposure.

29th of February 2008, 2nd year: more than 72500 visits! The hit are minis's pages. Do not hesitate to send news to complete ship's files. Last infos received: half tonners "Ar Reder Mor" Joubert 82 et "Alonzo Bistro" Berret 76 are for sale, some news from 79's mini Tiki 21, and from others minis.

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4th of March 2007: One year on line.. Many Thanks to the 25 000 visitors.

After the Half tonner test, and with the same adress, I decided to do more "history of ...".

You can find few "history of ...". Later one, you will find some others "history of ... " (Open 50', TP 52...)