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Seren Wib, K 489
à jour au: juin 2018
1983 plan Humphreys, MGRS34 #01

This Three Quarter Tonner out of the Roller Coaster line was designed by the world reknown Rob Humphreys for his older brother, Bill. She was built of epoxy composite by the Webb Brothers’ Racing Yacht Systems in Hamble, and was shipped to MG Yachts in Scotland for completion and to have the moulds of the MG RS34 taken off. Seren Wib was competitive for a number of years in the Irish Sea, with a first in class in the Dun Laoghaire – Holyhead – Dun Laoghaire race in 1984, second in the IOR division in Celtic Week 1986, and first in the IOR division in Abersoch Keelboat Week,

1984 ISORA, 6/7 races: 1er/26 A1

1985 ISORA, 5/7 races: 5e/18 A2, W. HUMPHREYS

1986 June, Round Ireland: 6e/18 en 131h09', W. HUMPHREYS
ISORA, 6/7 races: 5e/18 A2

1987 ISORA, 7/7 races: 3e/25 A2, W. HUMPHREYS

1988 ISORA, 6/7 races: 10e/19 A2

1989 ISORA, 7/7 races: 6e/24 A2, M. & S. PHILLIPS

???? New owner and new name:
Shooting Star,

???? Lying in Poolbeg Marina Dublin, Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2018;