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Riotous Assembly, KZ 3???
à jour au: 2014
197? Plan Whiting, dériveur

1978 30 mai, TQTC, Victoria BC, Canada: 16e/18,
"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979"

2014 Comment and Picture from 3/4 Ton Class Facebook: " Paul Whiting board boat, poorly sailed, However showed good speed at times. The boat I think was a heavy air boat. Puget sound was not the place for this boat are; it needed NZ sailors ???" "Was it cold-molded? What's the boat's name? Whiting drew some very fast and also dangerous boats. Which, I guess, eventually took him out. Magic Bus was down here in the 70's for awhile. While I didn't sail it, it had a reputation as a fast, difficult and sometimes squirrelly boat."