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Liste des Bateaux:

Bathsheba K 750 Humphreys 1984, One off build to the same design as "Scenario Act 2" & "Seren Wib". Built By Clare Lallows at Cowes for Sir Maurice Laing;

Countdown K 900 Humphreys about 1982, near sistership to Rollerskate;

Decosol K 4497 Humphreys 1986 kevlar glass epoxy sandwich construction, deck built by Steve Etheridge;
Decosol Car Care K Humphreys prototype about 1990. Competed in the head-to-head competition in Cornwall? between a conventional keel and a 'Collins' twin keel. Decosol won. Has excellent race results;

Fly By Night KA B133 Humphrey #43 1983, 1983 Designed for Western Australian yachtsman Ian Barron, Fly by Night was built in Fremantle in just six weeks, a frenetic burst intended to get the boat to the start of the Sydeny Hobart race. It was a windy Hobart and Fly by Night was forced to retire when her chainplate tie rod broke, 2003 September, seen on ORCV Winter series entrants list, John Drake, 2008 June, RBYC Handicap: 798;
Information and picture from Humphrey Design website (2017)

Glafki III GR Humphreys 1982, ex "Rollerskate", Owner Ioannis Alafouzos, mistake, she is half tonner: link;

Hero IRL 7234 Humphreys 199?, ex "Marissa IX";

Local Hero V K 1234 Humphries 1988;

Madame Butterfly GBR 4497 Humphreys 1986, ex "Decosol";
Marissa IX IRL 7234 Humphreys prototype about 1990, ex "Utopia";

Rollerskate K 4360 Humphreys 1982 composite epoxy on PVC core;

Scenario Act 2 K Humphreys 1984, Owner Alan Flitton;
Scenario Encore GBR 242 Humphreys 1988;
Seren Wib ? Humphreys designed MGRS34 series;
Showdown K 4497(?) Humphreys 1986 strip western red cedar construction, deck built by Steve Etheridge;

Team Kata Rock GBR 4497 Humphreys 1986, ex "Decosol";

Utopia IRL 7234 Humphrey ?, renamed "Marissa IX";


1997 January "Yachts and Yachting", For Sale, "Showdown" or "Decosol"!??:


Production Boat: MGRS34;