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Liste des Bateaux:

GBR 7755 ?? GK34 198?, picture from WOA website;

GBR 9441T
, ?? GK34 1981, 2015 July, For Sale, white hull, Lying North Wales, 19 900£;

Borsalino Trois K 4088 Dubois 1976,

Clepsydre F 14386 (Ex 7997) Dubois 1980, 2009 Dernier certificat HN, 2014 A Vendre au Havre;

Dubious KA R 84 Dubois ?, 1985 Sydney Hobart: DNF, 1986 Sydney Hobart: 62e/123 elapsed time 4d10h43', TCF 7521, G.J. Thompson;
1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Firebird K 4242 GK34 ?, 1998 10th of April, JOG Cowes to Cherbourg: 2e Classe 4..., 2019 Picture and comment from Facebook: "I raced my 3/4 ton C&C 34 “Firebird of Wight” from 1979 on in the Solent She was 3rd in the UK Nationals & Cowes week points including a 1st in Cowed week in 79-81. It was a competitive class with designs by Steven Jones and Peterson as well as Dehler";

Ganabout Cowboy K GK34 One Off 1980, 1980 Cervantes Trophy: 1er/?? Classe III,
1980 Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers",
Gnut Kase
K GK34 1980, 2015 July, For Sale 15950 £, lying Dartmouth;
Granuja Dos ESP 2412 Dubois?, 2014 For Sale, see below, 2016 Seen on Spanish Racing Boat list;

Heart of Gold FRA 16858 Dubois 1984, ex "Nausicaa III";

Ibraki ? GK34 ?, Formerly "Joggernaut";

J. Beam K 417 GK34 1981, renamed "Slack Alice";
Joggernaut IRL 3864 GK34 modified ?. Many good results in Round Ireland Race and Howth Autumn League 1980's and 1990's, Owned by Donal Morrissey of Galway Bay Sailing club, 1996 Round Ireland Yacht Race: 19e/55 en 5j05h10', coeff: 0.984, 2000 Cork Week: 7e/28, later soled and renamed;
Picture received from Vincent Delany

Merlin IRL 4170 GK34 1981, formerly "J Beam" and "Wallbanger";
Much Ado KA 3666 Dubois ?, 1982 Sydney Hobart: 62e/118 elapsed time 3d23h16', TCF 7667, J. Rickard, 1983 Sydney Hobart: 48e/173 corrected time 3d04h27', TCF 7564, J. Rickard, 1984 Sydney Hobart: DNF, 1986 New owner, Sydney Hobart: DNF, 1987 Sydney Hobart: 75e/153 corrected time 3d09h31', TCF 7514, J. Rickard;
1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Nadia Z 972 Dubois 1977;
Nausicaa III K ? Dubois 1984, 1985 renammed "Heart of Gold";

Slack Alice IRL 4170 GK 34 1981, formerly "J Beam" and "Wallbanger";
Spa Primero
ESP 2966 Dubois 1985 builder Fegalsa, 2008 Seen on Spanish Racing Boat list, Carlos Jose Diaz Arques, 2015 09 aout, Semena Nautica de Melilla: 10e/15 ORC 4, Carlos Diaz Argusa, 2016 Seen on Spanish Racing Boat list;

Tearaway IRL 1600 GK34 ?, Has been raced extensively on the Irish Sea (ISORA). 1980 August, ISORA Abersoch to Howth race: 1er/??, Frank Hughes, Peter O'Reilly & Frank Dillon, ISORA championship: 1er:??, 1982 Cork Dry Gin Round Ireland race: 1er/?? Class III, 1988 June, Round Ireland: 34e/50 en 6d05h36', Frank J. Hughes, Howth YC, 1994 Moneley Oyster Pearl race from Howth to Carlingford: 1er/??, Ken Cairns and Brendan Cobbe, 2015 June, seen in Howth Marina, County Dublin by Vincent: "She currently looks a bit tired";
Picture from "Howth a century of sailing" by W.M. Nixon

Wallbanger IRL 4170 GK 34 1981, formerly "J Beam" renamed "Slack Alice",
West F ? Dubois 1980 en west system au chantier Le Jeloux à La Trinité;

Production Boat: Westerly GK34, plan Ed Dubois, built by Westerly, LOA (feet): 34' 0", LWL (feet): 27' 8", Beam (feet): 11' 3", Draft (feet): 6' 7", Displacement (lb): 8,4, 17 boats built between 1980 and 1981;

Production Boat: Vale Royal 33, plan Ed Dubois, ??,

2014 From Internet, Dubois 34, For Sale, located in Ferreol, Spain: