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Charger 33, plan Angelo Lavranos

Constructeur: John Robertson Yachts, Cape Town, South Africa à partir de 1982

Length: 33' - 10.05m, Beam: 3.43m, Draft: 1.85m, 15 builts, 3 with masthead, 12 with fractional mast.
Displacement: 3800 Kgs Approx, Keel / Ballast: 1680 Kgs Approx, Hull Material: GRP, Deck Material: GRP

Liste des bateaux:

Bodytek Flyer SA 702 1982, ex "Charger";
SA ?, owned by Jerry Whitehead;

Caribella ? ?, 2012 1 mars, St Maarten Heineken Regatta: ?e/??, Gordon Robb;
Charger SA 702 1982;FKG (Caribella)

Fourlove SA 674 1983, 2014 17 october, Cook Island Race: 6e/13 PHS Sean Allardice, 2015 28 february, Julian Rocks Race: 5e/9, For Sale, see below, 17 october, Cook Island Race: 13e/15 PHS, Sean Allardice, 2016 4 december, Cook Island Race: 10e/13 PHS, Sean Allardice, 2017 From Australian Racing boat list: "Fourlove" is a Charger 33 Class designed by Angelo Lavranos to the IOR 3/4 tonne rule and built in Capetown for the current owner in 1982/1983. She was sailed to Australian by Sean, his son Paul and two other youngsters in 1994. "Fourlove" races competitively in the SYC Offshore events and is the winner of the Navigators prize in the recent 2015 Julian Rocks Yacht Race";
FTI Flyer SA 702 1982, ex "Charger";

Irish Mist K 8855 Lavranos Charger 33 ?;

Orange Tail SA ?, 1985 South Atlantic Race, Cape Town-Punta Del Este: 6e/35, Nigel Clark;

Renfreight K 8855 Lavranos Charger 33 ?, renammed "Irish Mist";

Shadowfax SA 777 Charger 33 ?;

Wings SA 737 Charger 33 ?;

1997? magazine extract, received from Angelo Lavranos, in July 2015

2015 July, For Sale, Charger 33: "Fourlove" is a 33ft racer cruiser that will satisfy the needs of the club racer and offshore cruiser alike. Designed and strongly built in South Africa in 1983 she is a very capable sail boat that gives a good turn of speed. Fourlove has a proven race history and has already sailed the Southern Ocean route from South Africa to Australia, then to the Gold Coast. Lying: Queensland