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plans Gary MULL


Plan Mull à la Quarter Ton Cup:

QTC 1976: 3e Expresso, 6e Spread Eagle, 32e Tequila Sunrise.

QTC 1978: ?e Kinuco



Expresso US ? G. Mull ?, 1976 QTC Corpus Christi: 3e/36, Darden, 2017 from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Here in action at the Lost Bay Regatta (Point Yacht Club) in Alabama. Thanks for the picture Michael Smith! Love the BBQ :-)... The boat is for sale by the way. Anyone? ... Hi Matt, think still at the Point Yacht Club in Alabama!";

It Happens HKG 5795 G. Mull 1979, Picture from GB Quarter website:

US 2337 G. Mull ?, 1978 QTC Japan: ?e/32, David Allen;
Spread Eagle
US ? G. Mull, 1976 QTC Corpus Christi: 6e/36, Erikson, 1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 7-4-8-9-dns = 10e/14, Erikson, 2009 May, from forum: "I had heard that the old Mull "Spread Eagle" was without a keel in a ravine near the SD zoo a few years ago. I'm sure it has been removed and destroyed long ago.";
1976 November "Les Cahiers du Yachting"
Swamp Dog
K 2691 G Mull 1981, 2009 Undergoing major surgery
Tequila Sunrise H Mull ?;

Production boats: Ranger 23.

?, US 18846
1976 plan Gary Mull

Could be "Spread Eagle" or "Expresso"??

2014 1er décembre, For Sale in San Fransisco, a Gary Mull 1/4 tonner, This Is a custom built boat designed by Garry Mull. The boat was designed to compete in the IOR 1/4 ton series. This boat is ready to go with new standing rigging, bew running rigging,... new 2-speed winches, new tiller, new quantum carbon kevlar laminate sails. This boat needs nothing other than a little bit of work on the OMC 15hp sail drive. Located in California, $4,500
Anyone? http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/21913