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Kevlara, I 8780
à jour au: 2018
1979 plan Jezequel, Built by Fabio Buzzi FB Design

1979 Quarter Ton Cup, San Remo: 35 - 30 38 - 45 - dns = ??e/56, RECASENS

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook

???? New Owner and new name:
Lussuria, I 8780

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2018,

2003 New Owner

2018 March, Info and Picture from Dutch QT Facebook: "Here one of a Lecco regatta start against Emozioni a mini ton. The hull of Kevlara was in Kevlar honeycomb and the weight was 90 Kg. The keel was mobile with a hydraulic circuit. Unfortunately I do not know where she is now. I sold 15 years ago to some guys on the Como lake but I have not seen her anymore. I searched because I would like to re buy, but no info. Now I'm sailing H22 class and Star boat."