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à jour au: 2019
1979 plan Jezequel, un "116" construit dans son chantier, en plastique armé et kevlar, ?m,

, San Remo: 4 - 1 - 31 - 1 - 13 = 9e/56, NEWLANDS
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Photos Dutch QT Class Facebook 2016,

1980 Italian Quarter Ton Cup: ?e/??
Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook, November 2017,

1981 21 aout, Champ International de Méditérrannée des classes VI: 2e/49 classés, FARAONE
20 septembre, QUARTER TON CUP, Marseille: 12 - dém - ? - ? - ? = 29e/31
Photo et commentaires trouvés sur Dutch QT Facebook, en octobre 2016:
Gerardo Faraone: "Yes, I sailed her. I was the first owner. With this boat I took part in quarter ton cup in 1979 in Sanremo e after in 1981 in Marseille an many other races. The crew was Sandro Berti Ceroni at the helm, Marco Pomi, Augusto Baruzzi and myself."

1988 Campionato Italiano Vela D'Altura, Chiogga: 2 - 3 - 2 - 11 - dnf = 5e/24 Classe VI, Livio KARAN
Pictures from http://www.circolonauticochioggia.it/archivio/-/asset_publisher/AMv7lvKnF4co/content/Foto-campionato-IOR-1988,

Zanussi Free Way
11 juin, QUARTER TON CUP, Chiogga: 16 - 18 - 9 - 6 - 9 = 8e/27, MARAN & ZANE

From Dutch QTC Facebook 2018 ,
"Here the 1979 Jeqezuel 1/4 tonner 'Zanussi free way' at the 1992 Quarter Ton Cup in Chioggia (Italy). Alberto Zane was the 'optimizer': the sailmaker and the helmsman. They changed the centerboard with a lead elliptical fin keel, put a little Vire inboard engine with a long shaft in front of the mast so they could maximize the sail area with new mast, boom and sails. They finished 8th with the same points of 'B & BV', another 1979 Jezequel 1/4 tonner. 'B & BV' won the 1994 Quarter Ton Cup in Warnemünde (Germany)!" Thanks for the picture Alberto!"

2019 Septembre, from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Ran across some pics of the Jezequel 1/4 tonner ‘Free Way’ in an Italian sailing FB group. She is located in the Marano Lagoon in the North of Italy and is still racing!"