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Bateaux Inconnus, Unknow Boats


Je recherche des infos sur ces bateaux - I am looking for informations about these boats:

2014 Pictures and comments from Dutch QY Facebook:

GER 111, Modified Hiddensee 1/4 tonner (GER-111). Looking good!

Found this boat (is it a 1/4 tonner?) in Marina Muiderzand last year. Anyone more info? If it is a 1/4 tonner I hope to see her at the DQTC 2015!

Two years ago this 1/4 tonner (I think, or is it a 1/2 tonner...) was in Ledro (Italy) as well. Don't think it sailed in between... Anyone more info? Nice looking hull, desperately in need of some TLC... A leftover from the 1979 QTC in San Remo?