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Achat 24, plan Farr, construit au chantier Burmeister Werft à Bremen en Allemagne, évolution du Farr 727, contruit en bois moulé.

Built in cold molded vacuum formed timber


Achat G Achat 24 #01 ?, 2019 Facebook: "my father, Utz Kohlhoff, bought the first of the Farr designed, Burmester build ACHAT QT... Our boat had a transom hung rudder and surfboards... nice and very fast..."
G 65 Achat 24, 1976 QTC: 17e/36, voir ci-dessous;
Carpe Diem G Achat 24 ?, 2015 Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook,

Dornröchen G 2594 Farr Achat 24 1977;
Madchen G 65 Type Achat ?, 1978 QTC Japan: ?e/34, Horst Dietrich, voir ci-dessous;
Pippifax G 2363 Achat 24 1976, renamed "Smila";
Smila G 2363 Achat 24 1976, ex "Pippifax";
Unknow G Achat 24 ?, 2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook,

Wate von Sturmland G 2363 Achat 24 1976, ex "Pippifax";
G 177 Achat 24 ?, 1977 QTC, Helsinski: ?e/53; Seen on Playing Card Game, 2020 Currently owned by Ole Dieckmann, and Michelle Mabelle and is located in Arnis (Germany), picture below;.

Barbarella, G 65
à jour au: 2020
197? plan FARR, Achat 24 (plan No 37M, prototype de la série Farr 727) build by Burmester, Bremen


Madchen, G 65
1978 QUARTER TON CUP, Japan: 24e/34. Horst DIETRICH

Picture from Facebook 2020,

Barbarella, G 65

2015 Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook,

2016 January, from Jan Rave (Hamburg), owner, "Barbarella have the sailing number " GER - 65 " and is in a very good condition ! I think, in spring we will sail her again on the river Elbe or in the Baltic Sea."

2017 Septembre, from Dutch QT Class Facebook: "Jan Rave send these pictures of his Achat 24 1/4 tonner (Bruce Farr design) 'Barbarella' (G-65). She sailed the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup in the USA as 'Barbarella' (17th with skipper Heinz Glahr) and the 1978 Worlds in Japan as 'Mädchen' (skipper Horst Dietrich). Jan is going to do a little refit this winter and will be sailing her from Kiel next year. Great looking boat Jan, keep us posted!"

2020 August, From Facebook, Jan Rave, "We are just refit our 1/4 - Ton Yacht "Barbarella" Typ Achat, builted by Burmester, Bremen in 1977. Do someone can show us a good modern Desklayout from him, so we can maybe place the fittings better than now ?"