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Aphrodite, D 777
à jour au: 2014
1975, plan Elvstrom, type: Elvsrom KT

1975 From Dutch QT Facebook (April 2016): ‘Aphrodite’ was built for Pauls design collegue Jan Kjaerulff and was identical, except ‘Go’ was white (check picture) but ‘Aphrodite’ was lightblue/dark blue with a white deck. Jan´s favorite color combination. He sailed ‘Aphrodite’ for a year,

1976 Sold to father and son who keep the boat to 2012

1977 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: ?e/17 IOR 7. Coeff IOR: ?'

1981 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: ?e/12 IOR 7.

1983 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: ?e/14. Coeff IOR: ?', ?

2012 New Owner: Peter Rosenqvist

2014 2 mars, From GB Quarter Class, Peter Rosenqvist: "Prototype no: 2, designers own boat first year, then one owner until 2012. Very well maintained but a full renovation still done, now as good as new. Light blue gelcoat still original, getting thinner but full of shine. Old battle wound in bow last thing on the "to-do" list. Laying on the Swedish south coast. Full of Paul Elvstroem innovations, including highly flexible masthead rig."

2016 15 avril, From Dutch QT Facebook,