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Popcorn, K 6362
à jour au: 2017
1976 plan Peterson, Contessa QT


From Dutch QT Class Facebook, February 2018: "Built in 1976, this Jeremy Rogers designed Contessa 25 was always a fast boat and not so ‘wee’ in her former glory days. Ian’s son Angus did his first West Highland Yachting Week (WHYW) with his father in 1973 and continued to compete for many years. Angus raced 'Popcorn' keenly from 1982 competing at WHYW and the Scottish Series, as well as other regattas, until 1985 and winning many major trophies on the west coast. Then he married, family came along and 'Popcorn' went quiet. Angus says 'Popcorn' had been a ‘garden ornament’ with ferns growing out of the hatch for the last quarter century. It was when he was routinely bailing her out he realised major restoration work was required. He gave the task to Peter Watt of Boat Solutions who undertook the work in one of the indoor units at Creran Marine. Although the hull was sound the balsa core sandwich and internal bulkheads had to be replaced. This extended too much of the woodwork and GRP. It was a complete overhaul said Peter who re-wired, re-rigged and stepped a new mast on the boat. It was a sentimental moment for all the Fyfes when 'Popcorn' took to the water once again and sailed to Glencoe Boat Club. Ian Fyfe Snr (92) celebrated the moment, stepping aboard her once again and was delighted to read the old news clippings of her former racing success in the clubhouse. As a fitting return to the racing scene 'Popcorn' won her first race back at the club."

Popcorn, GBR 6362

2012 West Highland Yachting Week: ?e/??

2017 Tobermory to Oban passage race on the final day of 2017 West Highland Yachting Week: ?e/??
Pictures from Dutch QT Class Facebook,