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Carbon 3, DEN 1
à jour au: 2017
2011 Plan Nigel Irens, construit par Tuco Marine

2011 12 octobre, Breaking records in race Around Sealand, 236NM: 14h50,

2012 13 septembre, Breaking records in race Around Denmark Inshore: 57h50', Eric QOUMING

2013 Only One reace

2017 For sale, Simple and fast racing – these are the core elements of the trimaran Carbon3. The Carbon3 was developed with one purpose in mind – record breaking fast sailing. A purpose that the trimaran has proven more than able to fulfill.    Since the launch of The Carbon3 the boat has set new standards for racing in the Scandinavian waters by breaking records in races like Around Sealand 2011 and Formula 40 (Around Denmark Inshore) 2012.   The secrets behind the success of Carbon3 are simple, streamlined design build with high attention on minimizing both weight and cost.   Top speed 32 knots   She  has only sailed one race in 2013 and has been stored on land 2014. She is complete and ready for racing!   Trailer is option to purchase   Tuco Marine, Danish Carbon fiber specialist. Tuco Marine Group have also build 3 passenger Catamaran ferries for Bergen, Norway in strong, light weight Carbon.   Nigel Irens: "Reconciling the requirement for interior space with that high performance is the almost impossible task that usually faces multihulls designeres, so Benoit Cabaret, and I were pleased to be asked to produce a 40 footer with 'absolutely nothing' inside. The simple brief was to draw a flat-out trimaran with the potential to match anything else of this size afloat - both inshore and offshore.  Our aim has been to address this brief by drawing an equally simple boat - with a view to keeping both weight and cost under control. Clearly rejecting the option to make the boat demountable or foldableis a good way to help achieve these two objectives. THe two beam are straight in plan view, as opposed to being swept forward as is common on larger trimarans. The layout of the boat has been optimised for the rig, which has been breathed on by multihull guru Torbjörn Linderson (backed by Marstrom) who brings his huge experience to the project. John Levell, whose structural engineering got Ellen MacArthur, Francis Joyon and Thomas Coville safely around the world, has been responsible for the structual design of this boat form the beginning of the project."
2011 Trimaran Carbon3,
EUR  199,900 Tax Not Paid (US$ 229,465)