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Whisperer, ? ???
à jour au: 2019
1966 Plan Holman & Pye,

2019 From Facebook: "An extremely pretty boat she epitomised Kim Holman's aesthetic values with forward thinking of the young Don Pye. She d I'd however come up a little short - literally - as she was a shade small for a One Tonner and lacked power compared to the S&S boats of the period and like just about every other boat of the time, found herself somewhat outclassed by the Terrible Twins - Roundabout and Clarionet with their tiny keels, bustles and separate rudders. But not to be outdone, the crew of Whisperer pioneered the use of trapeazes offshore. For a short while, until Roundabout and Clarionet copied the initiative, Whisperer had a unique edge. A lovely boat allround, Whisperer is currently being re built by Elephant Boatyard in Hamble, and will be afloat later this year.";

After the re built by Elephant Boatyard in Hamble, picture from Chris Parnaby